11 Baby Names For Funny Kids Who'll Probably Star On 'SNL' Someday

When you're searching for baby names, you're probably looking for inspiration in all sorts of places. Why not try something a little different and find some inspiration in qualities you hope your child has or your favorite quality you or your partner possess, like being funny. Everyone likes to think their kid is the funniest, but if you're being inspired by baby names for funny kids, you might be giving your little comedian a leg up for their big SNL debut.

Maybe you're not looking to raise the class clown, but rather a kid who finds the humor in every day situations, keeps your entire family laughing, and makes everyone around him smile. It might make all those late night trips to their crib when they're a baby a little easier if they can make you laugh at 3 am.

Your funny girl or guy could be the star of their own comedy show someday or maybe just be the star of all your home movies. So whether you choose a name that is inspired by laughter and humor or a funny celebrity around, you could be inspiring a budding comedian in your own child. Here's a list of 11 baby names for future funny kids.



BFFs Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler are powerhouses when it comes to comedy, so why not choose a moniker that honors the dynamic duo. Though it would make sense to opt for Tina or Amy as monkiers, Betty is what Amy calls Tina, according to, as it's a nickname for her real name Elizabeth.



The perfect nod to the original funny man in movies, Charlie Chaplin, this name is perfect for a boy or girl.



One of the original funny ladies of TV and everyone's favorite redhead, Lucy is an adorable name for your little lady. And when she's a little older, you and your daughter can bond over some I Love Lucy reruns.



Perfect for a funny little girl, Risa means "laughing." So she'll be destined to make everyone smile and laugh.



If you need a great name for you funny boy, give Issac a try. This name means "laughter," and has been rising in popularity in recent years.



A beautiful name that means "one who laughs," Sarina could be the perfect fit for you funny girl.



With a name that means "he who will laugh," how could he not be the funniest little boy?



As a nod to the late night funny men Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, your Jimmy might be inspired to keep your whole family in stitches with his own monologue.



When it comes to funny, is there anyone hotter right now than Amy Schumer? From her television show to her stand-up routine to her movies, she's spreading her funny everywhere. Plus we're a little jealous of her friendship with Jennifer Lawrence and want an invite to lunch with those two.



Girls creator Lena Dunham has a way of being hilarious, inspiring, and self-deprecating all at the same time. If you're looking for a strong and unique name, this could be the perfect fit.



When your names means "he laughs" and "laughter," surely you'll be the guy cracking all the joke. Added bonus, the name Zack has a variety of popular spellings so you can choose the one you like the best.