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11 Baby Names For Future Artists

Whether you’re daydreaming about the future or you’re getting ready for the arrival of your newborn, it can be exciting to think about what names you might give your baby. If you’re anything like me, you gravitate towards all things creative and artistic. From paintings and museums to music and dance, expression through art is simply fascinating. And if you’re hoping that the apple won’t fall too far from the tree of imagination and poetry, you might want to consider baby names for future artists.

You don’t necessarily have to name your child Pablo Picasso, Jr. to get your point across either. Using the arts and artists as your inspiration, you can find a plethora of monikers fit for a future museum curator. Though a name doesn’t determine where a person will end up in life, it’s nice to think that this could be a little nudge in the direction of creativity. Besides, a name that has its roots in art will make for an interesting story to tell when your child is older.

So if you’re curious about what kind of names are out there for your future virtuoso or you just want a little spark to get the creative juices flowing again in the baby naming process, check out these options fit for your future artist.



Frida Kahlo was a brilliant painter known for her self-portraits and put Mexico on the map when it came to the realm of artistic talent. Though her life was full of tumultuous ups and downs, her name, Frida, means “peace” in Ancient Germanic.



Credited with leading the pop art movement, visionary Andy Warhol had a way of giving people a different perspective of ordinary objects. Short for Andrew, Andy means “strong and manly” in Greek.



Francis Bacon, not to be confused with the scientist and philosopher of the name, broke ground as a painter with thought-provoking pieces and imagery. A bold inspiration for either gender, the name Francis literally means “French person” and can be shortened to Frank or Frankie.



Margarat Keane, the real-life inspiration behind the film Big Eyes, is most remembered for the jaw-dropping revelation that she was the one who did the famous “large eye” paintings, and not her husband as he had claimed. An inspiration for women everywhere, Margaret is a lovely name which means “pearl” in Greek.



Virtually everyone is familiar with the name Vincent van Gogh, painter of the famous Starry Night, but did you know Vincent means “to conquer” in Latin? Your future painter will surely conquer the critics with a name like Vincent.



Tamara de Lempicka was well-known in the art deco world with a unique painting style that matched her equally daring personal style. Just as eccentric as the artist herself, the name Tamara is a quirky choice, meaning “palm tree” in Hebrew.



Though Georgia O’Keeffe is virtually synonymous with all things modernly female, the name can actually be used for both boys and girls. Derived from the name George,Georgia means “earth worker” in Greek. Seems fitting since O’Keeffe primarily depicted flowers of the earth.



The medium of many sculptors, marble has long been used to create amazing works of art throughout the world. The name Shisha means “pleasant marble” in Hebrew and is commonly used for girls.



Not to be confused with the '90s heartthrob turned Academy Award winner, Leo, a nickname from the famous Leonardo da Vinci, would make a great namesake.



Whether the medium is wood or stone, a sculptor can create inspiring art by precise carving. It’s not surprising, then, that the name Carver means “one who carves” and was originally an English surname.



A gender-neutral option, Kala means “art form” in Sanskrit. So no matter what area of art your child chooses to pursue, this name could still serve as a fitting inspiration.