11 Baby Names For Future Writers

I have a long history of trying to influence the children around me to become writers. My little cousin has been gifted numerous journals and fun pens as Christmas, and my best friend’s newborn has already been inundated with books. What can I say? I love spreading the good word about, well, words. If you’re also on board with this devotion to writing, why not consider these smart and adorable baby names for future writers? Maybe your little one is destined for a literary career (or at least a pretty quick mastery of the alphabet).

By drawing on the names of famous authors, as well as interesting words related to the writing craft, you can give your baby’s story a fantastic beginning. You child will never have to wonder what’s in a name if hers is so obviously awesome. What better way to kick off a lifelong love of literature?

So for some baby names that are unique, meaningful, and inspiring, look no further than your nearest bookshelf. Don’t worry: I’m not going to suggest you name your kid Chaucer (although that would be AMAZING). There are tons of classic authors with names that would not be out of place in a modern preschool.



There are tons of tiny Aidens and Aydens running around. Why not use a slight derivation and name your kid after the poet W. H. Auden? It's dignified but still modern.



Agatha Christie is one of the most renowned authors of all time, and she would serve as a worthy inspiration for naming your own child. Maybe she'll also grow up to be a great mystery fan.



Devin is a unique unisex name that means poet. What could be a better moniker for a future writer?



Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is an American treasure who wrote lyric poetry in the 1800s. While "Wadsworth" might not be an easy name for a modern baby, "Henry" is a classic.



Isabella is still on of the most popular girl's names. But this variation of the spelling, in honor of Chilean-American author Isabel Allende, would help your daughter stand out.



Karan is a unique name that means writer or scribe. It's a great bet for a bookish baby.



Christopher Marlowe was a contemporary of Shakespeare who wrote some gloriously twisted plays. Not to mention his last name would make for a great girl's name.



If you're looking for serious literary cred, then naming your baby after "Paradise Lost" author John Milton will do the trick. It's unusual enough nowadays to make an impression.



How sweet is this name? Plus it means "little poet."



This may be a bit "on the nose" for some parents, but Quill is one name that certainly references writing. If you're hesitant to try this out, name your child Quillan and use Quill as a cute nickname.



Zora Neale Hurston is a fantastic American novelist, and any baby would be fortunate to share her moniker. It's also just a beautiful name that means "dawn."