11 Baby Names For Honest Children, Because You’re Not Raising A ‘Pretty Little Liar'

Most parents hope that their children will grow up to be decent, respectable adults. But with so many factors involved, like the age-old nature versus nurture debate, there's really no way to guarantee how anyone will turn out. Chances are, no one would blame you for trying to give your little one every single opportunity to help them become an upstanding citizen. Parents have done far crazier things in the name of good intention. It might be a bit far-fetched, but perhaps picking out a baby name inspired by honesty could do the trick.

The trend of choosing virtuous names for children isn't anything new or rare, either. Even celebrities have hopped on the honesty bandwagon. Emile Hirsch named his son, Valor, in honor of his love of comic book superheroes who embody justice. So whether you hope your child might be a future Supreme Court Justice or star in the inevitable reboot of the superhero movie franchise, selecting a baby name that brings to mind honesty, fairness, and integrity might just be a step in the right direction. After all, getting to daydream and read through a gazillion baby name books is your right as a parent-to-be. So here are some of the top baby names inspired by honesty.



Whether you love fashion icons like Vera Wang and Vera Bradley or actresses like Vera Farmiga, the name definitely has staying power. From the Latin for "true," Vera is a timeless option.



Meaning "just, upright, and righteous," in Old English, Justin is a great option for your son. And who knows? Maybe he'll be a pop star, too.



This can work for either a boy or a girl and means "true" in Gaelic. You could even choose Ronald for a boy or Veronica for a girl if you don't like the shortened version.



Meaning "courageous, lion" in French, this is an honorable choice for your future son.



Kind of obvious here, but Charity means "goodwill and kindness" in French and is an adorably sweet name for any girl.



Another literal one, but this name can be unisex. Definitely a unique option and meaning "faithful and true" is a bonus.



Short for Prudence, it means "good judgement" in Latin. A bit on the old-fashioned side but is a solid traditional choice.



From the Scandinavian word for "pure," like the driven snow, this can also be shortened to Kasey if you want. What's great about this name is that it works for both boys and girls.



A name with a worldly feel, Sebastian means "venerable" in Latin. Plus, who doesn't love Ariel's cute buddy?



From the Japanese word for "real and true," this is a sweet name for your future daughter.



Another wonderful name for either gender, Terris means "good and gracious" in Latin. Plus it's not a name you hear every day, so it's a fun selection for non-traditional folks.