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11 Baby Names From 'Charmed' That Are Pure Magic

I don't know about you, but I am a Charmed devotee. I first started watching in junior high or high school, and the antics of the Halliwell sisters, the magic of their story, and the overall amazing way they handled everything made it the perfect show for me. Now don't get me wrong — I'm in love with the reboot — but like most things nostalgic, I like to wax poetic on the original. That's why I'm compiling the 11 best baby names inspired by Charmed that are the perfect balance of magic and cuteness your baby requires.

Granted, a lot of the characters had fairly dubious names like "The Source" or "The Seer." And unless you're willing to make a truly bold choice in naming your children, I don't think you're going to go with one of those anytime soon — although it would look cool on the back of a baseball jersey. (TBH, any name that starts with "The" would look cool on the back of anything.)

But skip those intense monikers and go for this list of Charmed's best baby names. They're magical, they're lovely, and they'll always remind you of the "power of three." Bonus points if you have triplets.



I have a thing for last names as first names, and Halliwell is adorable. It works for a boy or a girl — Hal or Holly for short. It's also the name of their gorgeous Victorian manor that made me fall forever in love with the style. Not that I'm going to move into one. After all, the show proved that those houses just magnets for demons and questionable fashion choices.



Wyatt was the name of Piper and Leo's son, as well as being Leo's last name. I mean, they couldn't exactly give it to Wyatt as his last name, seeing as how Leo technically died 50 years before Piper was born, and that makes paperwork really complicated. (I'm pretty sure Leo and Piper's marriage was in name alone. But their love, and their genetic co-mingling, was real.)



OK, so Prue is maybe a little dead. It happens. Her character was still super cool, and being the oldest sister of three witches can't have been easy. She sacrificed herself for them. What a more beautiful way to honor that sacrifice — fictional or not — than to name your baby after her. If you want to go all the way, her name was Prudence, which is also quite cute.



Being the middle child is the hardest child to be and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Piper supported everyone, but did she get the credit? No. It's all, "Look at Prue's sacrifice, Phoebe is banging a demon. Leo looks like he's carved from stone and is literally part angel." No one cares, Linda. It's our time to shine.



Phoebe is sweet and free-spirited, but she's also got a spine of steel. Her main fault is always trying to find the good in people. Sometimes, this works out, and sometimes she constantly has to fight off the evil in her husband's blood and true nature and almost get her sisters killed.



He's literally pure good. OK, not literally. You can't build DNA out of "good," but he's as close as you can get. Who wouldn't want to name their kids after all that is good and clean in this world? I named my son after my PawPaw, so I get it.



So he's a demon underlord. I get it, the optics aren't great. But Cole is the name he chose for himself when he moved topside and stopped being evil and stuff. It's not like you are naming your child Belthazor.



The replacement sister. But, being half whitelighter makes up for being the forgotten one. Also, the name is just really cool. It took her a while to find her stride as a witch, but once she did, she kicked serious demon butt.



Penny, AKA Grams, raised the Halliwell sisters after Patty died. She was essentially feminist, brutally honest, and such a good grandmother she kept coming back to help out her granddaughters even after she died. How thoughtful.



Victor Bennett is the dad of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. Although he wasn't around when they were growing up, he made up for it. While Victor isn't my favorite name of the series — even though it's certainly a strong name — Bennett is really cute.



Brought in to save the show in the ninth season, Billie was revealed to be one half of the ultimate power and eventually helped vanquish her own sister. It's a dark history, but it's hers. And that name is too cute for a little girl.