11 Beautiful Baby Names With 5 Syllables That Sound Like Music To Your Ears

Growing up, there were two other girls named Katie in my class, and I hated that my name wasn't more original. So when it came time to name my own daughters, I was adamant that their names shouldn't appear on any top 10 lists. My husband and I also both gravitated toward names that were long and offered up a lot of nickname possibilities, and so we considered plenty of four- and five-syllable options. If you're looking for baby names with five syllables, there are some pretty sweet options out there that will stand out on any class list, though they might not quite fit on a name tag!

You might think that five-syllable names are hard to come by, but there are some common ones out there like Alexandria, that ranked 91st in popularity in 2001 and Anastasia, that ranked 169th in popularity in 2017, according to the Social Security Administration. You can also look to Italian and Greek names for inspiration, since they tend to be longer than their American counterparts. For example, instead of Michael, go with Michelangelo. With a longer name, your child can pick the shortened version they like best. Mic sounds pretty rockstar, doesn't it?

To help inspire you, we've rounded up 11 superstar five-syllable baby names that are sure to score some big-time originality points and let themselves to some rad nicknames, too.


This beautiful five-syllable name will always remind me of the gorgeous bride from The Godfather. The name has Greek origins, according to Think Baby Names, and is derived from Apollo, the Greek God of sunlight, music, and poetry.


This strong-sounding boys' name is pronounced "owReh-Liy-aa-Nuw-Z" and is Latin in origin, according to Babynamespedia. If you're looking for the girl equivalent, you could go with Aureliana, which also has five syllables.


This melodic-sounding name can be spelled a few different ways: Anna-Maria, Annamaria, Anamaria, or Anna Maria. It's of German origin according to Babynamespedia.


The name Emiliano comes from the Latin 'Aemilius', an old Roman family name probably derived from the word 'aemulus' which means 'rival, trying to equal or excel, emulating,' according to Baby Name Wizard. If you name your little one Emiliano, he'll have big shoes to fill. Emiliano Zapata was a leader in the Mexican Revolution, according to Biography, and Marlon Brando played him in the movie Viva Zapata!


This sweet five-syllable girls' name is Italian in origin and means "pledged to God," according to Nameberry. And really, how cute is the nickname Betty?


This powerful-sounding boy's name is derived from the Latin word, 'maximus', which means 'greatest,' according to Baby Name Wizard. The nickname 'Max' is too cute for words too.


The name Caledonia is of Latin origin and means, "the Scottish highlands," according to Think Baby Names. Blues fans will know the name Caledonia well, since it's the name of one of B.B. King's most famous songs.


If you love the nickname "Theo" but aren't a big fan of the name "Theodore," then this Old Greek variant could be the way to go. Theodosius means "giving to god," according to Babynamespedia. The feminine version, Theodosia, is also quite lovely.


This romantic 5-syllable girls' name means "Brings good news," according to She Knows. Evangeline Lilly, who starred in The Hobbit and Lost, is perhaps the closest representation of this name, though I think adding "ina" at the end adds even more star power to the name.


This unique boys' name is a Spanish variation of Sebastian, according to Nameberry. If your name your guy after the famed Renaissance painter, Sebastiano del Piambo, he might just have some serious art skills.


If you love flower-based baby names, then Hyacinthia, which comes from the pastel-hued Hyacinth, is sure to stand out. It is of Greek origin, according to Nameberry.