11 Back To School Memes Only Parents Of Preschoolers Understand

by Lindsay E. Mack

When summer winds down, parents and kids alike gear up for a new school year. Although getting an elementary-aged kid ready for school certainly has its challenges, parents of preschool kids face a whole other set of obstacles. These kids are ruled by their emotions, so dropping them into a classroom of like-minded peers can be especially challenging. In this case, the back to school memes only parents of preschoolers understand will hit home. Any parent who has struggled to survive the drop-off line will relate.

Really, preschoolers live in their own world. It seems like a fun place most of the time, but their strong convictions on everything from chicken nuggets to the color green can make for some interesting conversations with parents. It can wear on you. Of course you'll miss the child during preschool hours, but it's also nice to have a break from the constant barrage of questions and shouty demands for snacks. A little me-time is crucial for everyone, especially parents of preschoolers.

And of course, preschool can offer so many options for growth and development. There's the chance to make friends, learn new lessons, and gain a bit of independence. Oh, and it's helpful for the kid, too.


So Sad

Even if your to-do list is a mile long, it's easier to complete without a preschooler in tow. Sometimes just doing online banking without a kid underfoot feels like a mini-vacation. It's cool: everyone needs a break.


Drop-Off Realness

Do you know what it took to get the child in the car this morning? It's someone else's turn to take over for a few. Peace.


Celebration Time

Is this a stereotypical post? Yes. Are stereotypes sometimes based on reality? Absolutely.


Gear Up

Why does my preschooler need a dozen glue sticks and gallons of antibacterial gel? Half the kids in the class still want to eat these things. At least they won't ask for extra snacks.


Kids These Days

Some preschools have legit curriculums for the children. It's intense. But I kind of want to do a tumbling class and learn Mandarin, too.


Dropoff Goals

Some days the kid is fine with drop-off. Other days, getting in the preschool's front door without a meltdown is next to impossible. It's a gamble.


That Face

To be honest, that's how a lot of adults feel about responsibilities, too. But at least preschooler responsibilities include a nap time. It isn't all bad.


Grown-Up Socializing

Maybe the only house party you make this year is your preschooler's open house. And somehow that's OK, too. At least some of your fellow parents are pretty cool.


A Little Harsh

And sometimes they're the sweetest beings on the planet. Hopefully you get the nice persona for preschool, and not the terror child. Hopefully.


Netflix Is Yours Until Pickup Time

There's time to catch up on House of Cards or Narcos. But if you wind up scrolling the kid shows, that's fine too. Robo-Dog's character development is pretty compelling.


Tell The Truth

Sure, you know all about child development, and how it will take a while for those higher-level brain functions to kick in. But it's OK if a phone call about your kid biting a fellow preschooler leaves you feeling concerned. Especially when you've just had the "we don't bite our friends" conversation.