11 Badass Moms On Instagram You Need To Follow Immediately

I’m one of those weirdos who has had an Instagram account from pretty much the very beginning (as can be ascertained by my beloved first-name-only handle that people regularly try to “change the password” on: @glynis), but up until quite recently, I didn't know of any cool moms to follow on Instagram, which is part of why I didn’t use it all that much. I mean, I would remember to post a photo every few days for a week or two, then I’d forget about my account for a month or more.

Then a friend introduced me to the concept of using Instagram as a platform for microblogging. I fell in love with the concept and that was it. Well, once I got over all the people who wanted to tell me how great various wraps were for every single part of my body. Doing daily posts for months now, and getting to know other like-minded women on Instagram, has made it a rich experience for me.

Instagram, it turns out, can be a lot like Pinterest. I love looking at snippets of other people’s lives, although it's admittedly a little hard not to end up feeling pretty envious of all that gorgeous awesomeness depicted in these parcels of these moms' lives: They are moms, they are stylish, they have wonderfully insightful thoughts and feelings to share, and they all draw you into their worlds for the brief moments their pictures portray.


This professional photographer is also just another mom doing her thing with her kids (in between photo shoots). Such beautiful shots and so full of fun moments. She’s also doing an authenticity hashtag thing too, which I kind of love. #myunglamorousbeautifullife


Ashley is another photography mama who balances gorgeous shots of her sons and her clients along with real life moments. Like this one. Because even if your kids are beautiful, they still pick their noses.


Sarah is the mom of twin girls, a writer, a foodie and a serious fan of cocktails. Her photos make me want to invite her over for a pre-dinner drink, and make sure she brings her adorable girls to play with my daughter, too.


She’s a stylish stylist with beautiful kids and a beautiful esthetic. She lives in Brooklyn, buys organic flowers and has fantastic taste in clothes. Holy crap, is her life ever fun to look at.


Michelle Stephens, a sweet, honest, soulful mom of two who is equal parts crunchy and glam. Baby wearing? Check. Fabulous red lipstick? Check. She microblogs on her account and shares lovely, authentic moments from her life. Her glass-half-full view of life, despite its ups and downs, is so refreshing.


I covet Tanesha's curls and fashion sense. So beautiful, so stylish, I don’t even know how it’s possible. You know you’re following the right person when H&M calls her one of the best fashion bloggers.


Brooke is a mother from Vancouver that is all kinds of hilarious. Her personality explodes out of each picture and makes me want to be best friends and hang out with her and her cute daughter (who happens to be close to my daughter’s age) every weekend. Also, anyone who has their kid pose for a first day photo with a sign that says “FUCK YEAH KINDERGARTEN!” is kind of my hero.


Amy is a photographer and all-around poetic soul. She writes the most beautiful, soul-crushingly beautiful captions that you will find yourself hoping she’s taken a new photo and written something else every. single. day.


I adore every single item of clothing Christine Andrew wears. And I’m jealous that I can’t see any dried jam or snot on any of her clothes, too. 


This mama of four is a master at creating clean, beautiful photos of her family and her life. I don’t know if it’s her reality, but man does her life ever look serene! Even her new baby looks like a zen master.


Okay, well this is me, actually. I don’t know how badass I am, but in August I embarked on an attempt to live more authentically through social media, so that other moms, especially those struggling with anxiety and depression, could see more truth and less pretty.

Images: Courtesy of @abiqphoto(2), @thestorkandthebeanstalk, @erniebuffalo, @latonyayvette, @juiceboxconfession, @girlwithcurves, @missteenussr, @_amy_grace, @hellofashionblog, @naomipq, @glynis/Instagram