11 Beauty Hacks That'll Make It Look Like You're Actually Getting Some Sleep

No matter how hard I try to get in the bed early, it just doesn't happen. Whether I'm up finishing up some lingering work or marathoning the newest Netflix series, I'm left feeling tired and unfortunately, looking like it, too. Since there's nothing worse than looking like you feel on an important day filled with meetings, having a few beauty hacks that'll make it look like you're actually getting some sleep will prove to be so useful.

Though I do most of my work from home, looking my best is the first thing that comes to mind on those days when I do have to leave the house for majority of the day. (You would think that I wouldn't stay up late the night before those big days, but it really never seems to work out like that.) On those mornings, I have to doll myself up a bit and use a few tips I've collected over the years to make sure I'm looking well-rested when out and about. Even when you're tired, looking as good as you want shouldn't be compromised.

If you need a few tips to look and feel your best the morning after a sleepless night, these 11 hacks will help.


Use A Hydrating Mist

According to E! Online, hydrating mists are great for giving yourself a quick pick-me-up because they they help with eliminating dryness from your skin.


Apply A Shimmery Highlighter

If you're looking for a way to take away the dullness that lost sleep can offer up your skin, applying a shimmery highlighter to your face would be a good choice. Highlighters are meant to create the illusion of brightness on your face, so applying some if you've had a poor night's sleep, would help make you look a little more refreshed than before.


Keep The Hemorrhoid Cream Handy

Prevention noted that occasionally using a hemorrhoid cream underneath your eyes can decrease the puffiness and redness if you didn't have a good night's sleep.


Take A Cool Shower

According to Allure, taking a cool shower stimulates circulation in your body and can have a toning effect on your face. Not to mention, the slight pain from the icy stream will get your energy going too.


Pick Up The Blush

Take away from the dull look that a restless night gave you by applying a little blush to your skin. Blush is meant to give your face some color and add a little life to your cheekbones, so it's a perfect way to draw attention to the right areas of your face.


Add A Little Shine To Your Mane

Prevention noted that by adding a little shine to your hair, you'll be able to look a little more lively each day.


Take It Easy On The Foundation

Though adding on more foundation may seem like a way to make yourself look awake, Allure noted that wearing less foundation is actually better. According to the site, your face will look much more awake if you can still see your skin.


Use A Tea Bag For Your Eyes

As old as it may seem, placing green tea bags over your eyes is still a way decrease the puffiness and redness from a night of limited sleep, according to Livestrong. The caffeine in the tea bags reduces the puffiness by shrinking blood vessels and tighten the skin around the eyes.


Apply A Cold Compress

If you're not really into the use of tea bags, try applying some cold cucumbers, a frozen peas, or a cold compress to decrease the puffiness around your eyes. The coldness of the compress is meant to decrease the swelling you get from not sleeping.


Don't Forget About Your Eyelids

Allure noted that applying an eyeshadow base can eliminate pink eyelids caused by exhaustion. In addition, the site recommended that dabbing your lids with a cotton ball soaked in Afrin will work, too because nasal spray contains oxymetazoline — which address both redness and swelling.


Wear A Pair Of Soft Colored Earrings

According to Babble, wearing a pair of soft colored gems or stones in your ears will help take the attention away from your tired eyes. They can also reflect the soft light onto your skin, too.