11 Beauty Rules To Break, Freeing Yourself From The Cosmetic Code

by Lynsey Macdonald

Anyone who scrolls through my Instagram feed can tell I am a fan of dramatic makeup. I love graphic eyes, bold lips, dramatic color clashes, and lots of shimmer and shine. To me, beauty products, especially makeup, allow people to be incredibly creative and play around with their appearance. But, as with most creative expressions, somewhere created a set of rules that try to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your face. Well, to that person, I say that plenty of beauty rules should be broken.

Personal style is just that — personal. It should be declared by you and you alone. From the makeup you put on your face , what you do with your hair (on your head and body), and what products you use shouldn’t be limited by anything other than your own taste. You should feel free to embrace your own personal beauty rules, whether or not they match up to the ones you’ve read about in magazines or online. We only get one shot at life, and if you want to wear a daring shade of lipstick the experts say doesn’t go with your skin tone, you go out there and wear it. Here are 11 beauty rules that you should try breaking today, or as soon as possible.


You Can’t Wear Pink or Red Eyeshadows

When it comes to eyeshadows, pink and red shades tend to be avoided because of the fear that you might end up looking like you have an eye infection. But when blended together (or with other hues), they can add a beautiful pop of amazing colour to a neutral eye. So go forth and show your pink toned eyeshadow palettes some love today.


You Can’t Rock A Smokey Eye During The Day

This eye style conjures up images of little black dresses and late nights at the club. But despite the use of dark shadows and smudged eyeliner, a smokey eye can be perfectly acceptable for daytime wear. By using softer colors (think mid-tone browns, greens, and purples), you can create a 24/7 smokey eye.


You Can’t Wear Black Mascara If You Have Light Hair

The whole point of mascara is to give your eyes a bold look, right? Even if you have the fairest hairs of all, feel free to amp up your lashes with the darkest mascara you can find.


Your Lipstick Needs To Match Your Skin Tone

Going shopping for a new lipstick with the rules of which shades go with which skin tones can cause serious buyer’s remorse. You either end up avoid a shade you want to try or buys a color you aren’t too keen on. Forget the rules of which shades should suit you, and go with the shades you love. If you’re happy, nothing else matters.


You Can Only Wear Glitter On New Year’s Eve

Your shimmer and shine shouldn’t be reserved solely for the month of December! Whether you pack it on your eyes for a fun night out, add a little to your lipstick for an added sparkle, or place a tiny amount in the inner corner of your eye for a subtle but effective highlight, a little cosmetic glitter goes a long way.


You Have To Wash Your Hair Every Day

If you’ve washed your hair every day for years, this one might take a bit of getting used to, but a lot of people don’t need to go through the full shampoo, condition, dry, style routine daily. In fact, leaving a day (or three) between washes may actually help to keep it in better condition.


You Can’t Wear Dark Nails In The Summer

Or bright nails in the winter. Every season comes with a “specific” nail polish. Dark purples and deep reds are reserved for autumn and winter, while mints and yellows are spring and summer have a favorite nail polish, use it no matter the time of year. I, for one, will wear turquoise and bright green all year round, and no-one will stop me.


You Should Always Shave Your Legs

To shave or not to shave? Hair removal is a hot topic, and rightly so, as an important feminist debate about what we choose to do with the hair on our bodies is long overdue. The fact of the matter is, it is entirely up to you. If you love the feeling of completely shaved legs, go for it! But if you honestly don’t care, put down that razor and do what’s right for you.


You Can’t Wear Nude Lipstick If You’re Pale

Finding the right shade to give you that sexy, effortless look is a challenge, especially when you have a fair complexion. But by balancing the subtle lip with a splash of eye color, color on the eyes, you can create a bold look.


You Shouldn’t Look Like You’re Wearing Makeup

The natural look is very in at the moment, and creating a flawless, barely there look can be a lot of fun. That being said, if you’ve got some exciting new products to play with, you shouldn’t wait till the weekend to try them out. Play around with bold new looks, and don’t be afraid to wear them out in public.


You Can’t Wear A Bold Lip & Bold Eyes At The Same Time

Traditionally, the rule has been that you should choose either a bold lip or bold eye — never both. But this is 2015, and if you’ve got a burning desire to match a vibrant lip with electric eyes, you should go for it. Don’t hold back because you’re worried it’s too much. Makeup is art, so let your creativity run wild!

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