11 Beginner CrossFit Mistakes Everyone Makes

When it comes to workout programs with a dedicated following, CrossFit is in a league of its own. Passing by your local CrossFit box might reveal an intriguing array of ropes, plyometric boxes, and giant tires. If you're curious about joining this approach to fitness, then knowing about the beginner CrossFit mistakes everyone makes can help you get started on the right foot.

Remember — even the most impressive athlete was once a beginner too, and most fitness groups are more than happy to have newcomers join their ranks. A supportive group can make the most grueling workout more acceptable. Additionally, learning something new is always commendable, especially when it may benefit your health.

That said, it's understandable if you enter the local CrossFit scene with a bit of apprehension. Trying to take in all the new information, perform the movements correctly, and adapt to the pace of workouts takes time. A little insider information never hurt, though. To learn more, Romper reached out to Jeff Germond of CrossFit NOLA for advice. With his insight, as well as advice from other experts, you too will be obsessed with the sport of fitness in no time. Get ready to think inside the box.


You Don't Even Try It

If you're at all curious about CrossFit, then don't let nervousness keep you from giving it a shot. Simply showing up to an intro class, and learning a little more about the reality of CrossFit, can go a long way toward calming those nerves, according to Germond. There's no harm in trying.


You Go HAM Right Away

The veteran CrossFit people are inspiring, and you want to get to their level ASAP. But even if you're already in great shape, it's important to ease into CrossFit workouts, as noted by The Box Mag. An injury is the last thing you want right now (or ever).


You Don't Let Go Of Stereotypes

CrossFit can be a rather divisive topic, and CrossFitters are sometimes stereotyped as crazy people who work out until they puke every day. The reality is much more normal. According to Daily Burn, beginner CrossFit classes are filled with regular people looking for a challenging workout. You don't have to be obsessed with the idea of working out until it hurts.


You Rely On Excuses

Consistency is key with CrossFit. According to Germond, it's crucial to show up to your classes regularly, and refrain from making excuses. Life happens, of course, but it's important to prioritize your workouts if you want to see results.


You Skimp On Technique

Sure, on some level you want to flip giant tires and lift the heaviest weights in the room. But, you know, baby steps are important. Focusing first on your technique and making sure you're moving correctly is key, according to CrossFitKanna. Then you can graduate to the tractor tires.


You Show Up Late

Sure, busy schedules can be hard to manage, and sometimes you really can't help the traffic. As explained on CrossFit816, however, it's crucial to show up on time for your training. It's courteous, and it gives you time to warm up.


You Compete With Others Right Away

According to Boxrox, the only person you should compete with in the beginning is yourself. Monitoring your progress is a great motivator, and it's uplifting to finally take on workouts that would have seemed impossible a few weeks prior.


You Expect Immediate Punishment

Your first CrossFit workouts should be challenging, but not devastating. According to the website for Shape, the early CrossFit workouts should not be that intense. You'll build up to a more hardcore workout in time.


You Don't Investigate Boxes

Chances are, your city has several CrossFit boxes to choose from. As noted in HuffPo, it's smart to shop around a bit to find the CrossFit group that best fits your goals. Making sure you're happy with the community beforehand is essential.


You Fear Mistakes

Being too afraid of making mistakes can hamper your performance. When you misstep or drop something, just laugh it off and keep going.


You Go Solo

Some athletes do work best alone but, in general, workout buddies can transform your training. According to Onnit Academy, toughing through workouts with others is a great way to form bonds. And often times, those friendships can inspire you to get through the worst parts of workouts. You can also get feedback on your form and technique.


You Overtrain

A competitive attitude is practically required for CrossFit. But too much of a good thing is still potentially harmful. As noted by CrossFitCommitted, mixing CrossFit with other fitness endeavors, such as a marathon training program, can overload even the fittest person. Sometimes moderation is best.


You Already Know It All

Sure, confidence in a new endeavor is always worthwhile. But as noted by Germond, a humble desire to learn is important too. "Beginners who come in with an open mind, and are willing to try new things have the best results," said Germond. Even if you're already an experienced athlete, mastering the basics of CrossFit can only help.


You're Super Serious

Hey, it doesn't have to be all work all the time. "Expect to have a little bit of fun," said Germond. The supportive community can make CrossFit a welcoming place for beginners.


You Quit

Contrary to the popular saying, quitting is always an option. And sometimes it's an attractive option, especially in the beginning stages when it feels like you'll never quite master that tricky WOD. But it's important to give CrossFit a fair try, and stick with the program for a few weeks. Hopefully, you'll reach the point where bailing on your workout becomes unthinkable.