11 Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Never Knew About

by Autumn Jones

A long time sleeper of the health and wellness community, coconut oil is having it's moment in the mainstream spotlight — and rightfully so. The oil from this tropical fruit has more tricks up its sleeve than a Vegas magician, and it seems that almost every time you turn around someone has discovered a new way to use this versatile oil. Sure, you know that it's great for your health, but as it turns out there are many benefits of coconut oil that you never knew about. But once you learn how many different ways you can use it, your shelves will never go without a jar of coconut oil.

Don't call it a comeback, it's been here for years. Once seen as the bad boy of the oil world, coconut oil has made a respectable name for itself not only in the food world, but also as a powerhouse beauty treatment. Due to it's diverse combination of healthy fats and anti-bacterial/anti-viral properties, coconut oil has a broad reach of uses, which makes it a must for every pantry and medicine cabinet alike.

The next time you buy coconut oil, grab the jumbo size container. With these 11 benefits of coconut oil, you'll never leave any for waste.


It Enhances Your Sleep

Even insomnia can't stop the power of coconut oil. As naturopathic physician Maura Henninger reported for The Huffington Post, eating healthy fats, like coconut oil, will help you sleep better at night. So when you grab for that after dinner snack, chose a spoonful of coconut oil over sugary foods, which can increase your chances of tossing and turning.


It Gets Rid Of Diaper Rash

The natural anti-fungal properties of coconut oil make it a great natural option for diaper rash. According to What To Expect, coconut oil helps diaper rash with the same moisture resisting properties as other creams used for this purpose. Try swiping a little on your baby's bottom the next time those mean red bumps cause problems.


It Can Replace Butter

Want to mix up your condiments a little? Try spreading some coconut oil on your morning toast as a nutty replacement for butter. Nutritionally speaking, when you put butter and coconut oil head-to-head, the results are a tie, according to Eating Well. Both have health benefits but should be used sparingly due to high fat concentration.


It Soothes Sunburn

If you baked a little too long in the sunshine, coconut oil can give your skin the moisture your tanning session took away. As Prevention reported, coconut oil increases skin's hydration, which is exactly what your burning bod will want after too many hours of sun exposure. Apply like a lotion and let the healing begin.


It Works As An Emergency Deodorant

Although it won't keep pit smell away after an hour of hot yoga, Allure noted that coconut oil can work as deodorant in a pinch due to the anti-bacterial properties in coconut oil. This means if you run out of your regular deodorant and don't have time to pick up a new stick on the way to work, you can use a schmear of coconut oil to get you through until your lunch break.


It Improves Oral Hygiene

If you want to step up your fresh breath game, consider adding oil pulling to your oral hygiene routine. As Dr. Amala Guha, assistant professor of immunology and medicine at the University of Connecticut Health Center told CNN, oil pulling can reduce plaque, prevent cavities and make gums stronger. Guha suggested using coconut oil for four minutes, twice daily.


It Soothes Cradle Cap

If you've tried everything for your baby's cradle cap and still can't stop those dry patches from popping up, try a does of coconut oil. Mayo Clinic notes that the moisturizing powers of coconut oil can help to sooth cradle cap in babies as well as other creams and oils.


It Makes A Great Coffee Creamer

Blending some coconut oil into your morning cup of joe will not only add a little flavor and sweetness, it will also give you all the health benefits that come with eating coconut oil, such as energy from those good fatty acids. Follow this tutorial on Health to learn how to make your own latte using coconut oil.


It Can Be Used As A Shaving Cream

For an inexpensive and tropical smelling shaving cream, try busting out the coconut oil the next time you shower. According to Prevention, coconut oil has skin soothing properties that will leaves legs looking and feeling flawless after shaving.


It Helps With Eczema

If you or someone in your house lives with eczema, try coconut oil the next time there is a flare up. This simple treatment has been reported by the National Eczema Association to clam the skin and reduce itching caused by eczema.


It's Great For Your Dog

Sometimes what's good for humans, is also good for a human's best friend. Coconut oil has many benefits for dogs, according to Dogs Naturally magazine. When it comes to your canine companion, you can use coconut oil to heal cuts, deodorize doggy odor, ease flea allergies, and improve digestion — just to name a few.