11 Best Apps For The Hot Mess Mom

As a mom, you go through good days and bad days. For the most part though, you get through each day in one piece. For the hot mess mom, however, most days are a struggle to balance your responsibilities at home and at work, leaving little time for you to remember when you last washed your hair. If you're having trouble keeping it all together, you're not alone. Every mom has been a hot mess mom at some point. But there is help. Which is why you need to know the best apps for the hot mess mom.

Whether you need help keeping track of your daily tasks, your grocery list, or the contents of your closet, your smart phone can help make life a whole lot easier. There are apps that will help you declutter and organize your life in one safe place. And when you're left with all of that new found free time, there are even apps that will remind you to pat yourself on the back.

Download some of these apps designed with the hot mess mom in mind. While they can't do the job for you, these apps can help you look like you've got it all under control — even if you don't.


Grocery IQ

Gone are the days of scribbling your grocery list on the back of an envelope. Grocery IQ (free) is a shopping list app that allows you to store multiple lists in your phone, organize items by aisle in the store, and save favorites and recently purchased items for convenience.



Evernote (free) allows you to take notes, make to-do lists, and use your camera to scan and save important documents or business cards. If that wasn't cool enough, Evernote allows you to synch information across all of your electronic devices, keeping everything you need in one place — rather than in a million other places.


Home Routines

If you're a hot mess mom, you probably can't remember the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator or the cat's litter box, for that matter. Home Routines ($4.99) allows you to organize your household tasks by day of the week and give you reminders when certain things need to be done. Now if only it could fold that laundry for you.


My Cycles

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or trying not to get pregnant, a hot mess mom may need a little help keeping track of her menstrual cycle. My Cycles (free) helps you track your periods and ovulation, as well as your weight, moods, and other symptoms of your period. You can also set reminders for when your fertile days are approaching.


Key Ring

If your wallet is overflowing with loyalty cards, you need Key Ring (free). Keep all of your cards in one convenient place. The app also allows you to store coupons and ads.


Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk (free) is not your ordinary to-do list app. You can set e-mail, text, and even Twitter notifications for the things you need to get done. Prioritize your task list and set repeat reminders for recurring items. You can even share tasks with other members of your household to help lighten your load.



You're only wearing yoga pants and t-shirts now, but it could be because you don't have time to look through your closet to find anything else. With ClosetSpace (free) you can keep track of everything in your closet and put together outfits in advance. The app also allows you to track when you last wore an item to avoid repeating it too soon.



Being a mom is often a thankless job. If you don't get props from your family, you can give yourself a pat on the back with iBehave ($0.99). Designed to be a way to reward children for good behavior, you can set up the app to collect marbles for exercising, paying bills on time, or even completing a dreaded household chore. And when your jar is full, you can give yourself a well-deserved treat.


Baby Connect

For a hot mess mom, baby's feeding and sleep schedule probably gets lost in a the muddled mush that is now your brain. Baby Connect ($4.99) allows you to track what's going on with your baby including feeding, medication, growth, and other activities. And if you're a working mom, the app allows you to share the details with your caregiver.


Pocket Yoga

You may not have much time to take a yoga class, but Pocket Yoga ($2.99) will let your phone or iPad give you a little Zen. A voice will guide you through your practice, which has been designed by experienced instructors. And you can keep a log of all of your sessions to help you track your progress. What do you have to lose? You're wearing yoga pants anyway.


Lucy Phone

You've got way too much going on spend your time waiting on hold for a customer service representative. So Lucy Phone (free) will do it for you. Using the app, Lucy Phone will wait and call you back immediately when it's your turn.