11 Best Made For TV Christmas Movies To Binge-Watch RN

Festive, poignant, and sometimes corny, the holiday movie exists in a genre all to itself. Holiday movies are perfect to throw on for background noise when you're wrapping presents, and most of them make pretty great family-friendly entertainment. In fact, the best made for TV Christmas movies will keep you and your family in the holiday spirit all season long. Just make sure you have tissues handy for some of these films, because they tend to get pretty sentimental.

For the most part, holiday movies serve as pleasant, heartfelt entertainment during one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. It's totally fine if you want to unwind from all the holiday chaos with the simple story of two strangers falling in love beneath the mistletoe. For the most part, these movies are all gentle and uplifting, and who couldn't use a dose of that now and always?

As someone who enjoys movies with an extra serving of cheese, compiling this list of sappy Christmas movies was anything but a chore. For a wide-reaching approach, these flicks are the highest rated TV Christmas movies from IMDB, Netflix, and Google. In other words, this list is as scientific and comprehensive a list of TV Christmas movies as you can get.

Check out 11 Made for TV Christmas movies that are worth curling up with, tonight or any time the mood strikes.


'Marry Me For Christmas'

Sure, the whole fake fiancé storyline has been done, but it's especially charming in this movie. As a ruse to keep her family out of her dating life, an ambitious New York woman gets an employee to pose as her betrothed in Marry Me for Christmas. Can you guess what happens next?


'November Christmas'

If you want a movie that tugs at your heartstrings, this one has it all. November Christmas is the story of a father who brings the people of his small town together help his cancer-battling daughter. Only watch this one if you have a large stock of tissues on hand.


'Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas'

When they happen across an urgent holiday letter asking for help, a group of postal detectives jump into action. Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas features all kinds of holiday miracles as the Postables try to help a little girl who fears for her mother's life. The dead post office never seemed so lively.


'Angels In The Snow'

To be fair, several reviewers for this film straight-up call it corny. But if that's what you're in the mood for, then go for it. Angels In The Snow is the story of mysterious visitors who help a family heal in time for Christmas. It looks heartwarming AF.


'Silent Night'

This is a different take on the average holiday movie. Silent Night tells the story behind the popular Christmas carol, and it follows a young assistant priest who wants to open up his church choir to common people. Will the tavern folk ever be welcome in the choir in 1800s Austria?


'A Dog Named Christmas'

For anyone who loves animals, this is a fantastic holiday watch. A Dog Named Christmas tells the story of a developmentally challenged boy who forms a deep bond with a shelter dog. He tries to prove to his family that the dog should live with them, and you'll have to watch to find out if the boy gets his Christmas wish.


'12 Dates of Christmas'

It's like Groundhog Day with a Christmas twist. In 12 Dates of Christmas, the lead character Kate has to relive the same terrible blind date over and over again. What is she supposed to learn about this Christmas Eve date as it keeps replaying?


'A Season For Miracles'

OK, this movie is kind of a classic as far as TV Christmas movies go. Homeless children in need of adoption, holiday hope, and a legit angel all come into play in 1999's A Season For Miracles. It's like every charming Hallmark movie you watched with your grandmother rolled into one.


'The Nine Lives Of Christmas'

Oh, did you think I wouldn't add a kitty-centric movie to the list? The Nine Lives of Christmas follows the adventures of a bachelor fireman whose life is transformed by the adoption of a stray cat. Will the cat inspire him to let love into his life as well?



I mean, it's a Christina Milian Christmas movie, so you basically have to watch it. In Snowglobe, the lead character Angela finds herself transported into a magic snow globe where life seems perfect. But can she ever learn to accept her imperfect family as they are?



You need at least one holiday film that centers around the importance of belief. In Northpole, a young boy has to convince his mom to believe in the magic of the season to help save Northpole, Santa's magical home city. It's a super-sweet flick about family and the holidays.

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