11 Biblical Baby Names, Should You Want Some Godly Insight

No matter your religious preference, you have to admit that Biblical names for babies never go out of style. There’s everything from the ever-popular names like James or David to more obscure ones like Bathsheba or Jethro. If it’s been a popular name for centuries, chances are it came straight outta the Bible.

The great thing about biblical names is that they’re full of meaning, which was extremely important to parents in those days. Parents named their children with a specific meaning in mind, something they wanted their child to strive to or remember throughout their life. You may be surprised by the amount of biblical names that are actually pretty commonplace in society. Names like Anna, Mark, Leah, Adam, and Lydia all got their start in the good book itself. So, if meaning is important to you- a biblical name may just be for you, even if you’re not the religious type.

Whether you’re looking for an inspiring figure to be your baby’s namesake or want a name with meaning and history, you won’t be disappointed by the abundance of names the Bible has to offer. Here’s a list of 11, just to start off small.



Meaning Father of many nations, Abraham is one of the most well-known Biblical figures for his faith in God and for being the father of the Israelites.



No, the original Luke wasn’t Skywalker. This name means light giving and was the name of the author of the book of Acts.



The feminine form of the name Gabriel, meaning God is my strength. This name exudes elegance, just ask Coco Chanel (it’s her real name.)



Samson was the insanely strong man whose strength disappeared when his hair was cut. His name means like the sun and is a great, unique name with an inspiring meaning and a cool backstory.



Ezekiel means strength of God. This name has been rising in popularity, but hasn’t made it to the top 100’s yet. Why not help it make a well-deserved comeback? If the name sounds a little too Old Testament for you, shorten it to Zeek.



Always a classy choice, this name means God is bountiful. Biblically, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, but plenty of other famous women have shared the name too- Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor are among the most noteworthy.



Meaning sweet and pleasant, this name has been gaining popularity and recently hit the number 88 spot, according to BabyCenter. Naomi from the Bible was Ruth’s mother-in-law and is a matriarchal figure of the Old Testament.



People know him as the guy who built the ark, but Noah’s name has a noteworthy meaning. The Hebrew works for rest or comfort, has risen on the popularity charts recently as well hitting the number one spot in the United States. for 2014.



Before Rachel from Friends made the name popular (and maybe a few other people too), Rachel was the biblical wife to Jacob. The name means little lamb, which could be the perfect name for your soon to be born “little lamb”.



A moniker that’s been popular since the ‘60s, Matthew means gift from God. It’s excellent reminder can far outweigh its popularity if you’re looking for a name with a positive meaning.



The biblical sister of Moses who hid her baby brother from the Egyptian Pharaoh, Miriam means longed-for child, another name that’s sure to offer a boost of confidence and a dose of history.

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