11 Body Positive Mantras To Make You Love Your Body All Day, Every Day

by Shannon Fiedler

Learning to love you body can be a challenge, but, like anything, the more you practice it the better you'll be. Taking the time to repeat body positive mantra will help you to make body love and positivity a natural part of your every day life. Sometimes we just need to keep saying things in order to allow ourselves to believe them.

The media inundates us with ideas about our body that don't focus on what's really important about it. Our bodies give us the ability to move and to feel; they nourish us and provide us with life. We should be celebrating them, not judging them. They are capable of so much and we need to thank them for that.

Of course, learning how to be fully happy with your body is not an easy journey. But it is an important one. Loving yourself is key to finding peace and happiness, and is also an important step in learning how to love others. Accept yourself for who you are, and love that.

To remind yourself how proud of and thankful for your body you are, try saying these mantras to yourself, and really believe them as you say them. Your body deserves love, and you deserve to love your body. So tell yourself that, every day, and work your way to a healthy and wonderful relationship with who you are.


"My body gives me the opportunity to do the things I love."

Don't hate on your body — thank your body. It allows you to feel physical sensations, to walk around a new place, to experience the joy of dancing. Your body gives you possibilities.


"My body is who I am, and I love myself."

You can't change who you are, and you shouldn't want to. Be proud of the person you are!


"Today, I want to thank my body for letting me _______."

What do you love to do? Ski? Stretch? Yoga? Run? Whatever it is, your body is responsible for all the physical activity you are able to enjoy.


"I am proud of my _____."

When you're working on having a positive body image, focus on your favorite parts of your body first. Then, work your way to being proud of every little bit of yourself.


"I am sexy."

If you got it, flaunt it. And you got it!


"I respect my body for all that it is capable of doing."

Your body gives your opportunity. Respect that.


"My weight does not define my worth."

You are worthy no matter what size you are.


"I am much more than just the way I look."

Looks do not define you.


"Beauty radiates brightest from within."

The most beautiful people are the people who are beautiful on the inside. Rejoice your soul, and love for your body will follow.


"I acknowledge my imperfections, and am at peace with them because they make me me."

Nobody's perfect, and that's what makes each and every one of us special and unique. Our imperfections are the things we should be celebrating.


"I love my body."

Above all, I love my body, my soul, my being, myself.

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