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11 Confidence-Building Books For Kids

When I was a kid, one thing my mom always tried to instill that I had something special to give the world. She would always remind me that no matter what people said to me or about me, I was only going to make it in this world if I was confident in myself and my abilities. Though I don't have any children of my own, I'm always on the lookout for books every mom should read to build their child's confidence so that, when it is time for me to become a parent, I can be just as prepared as my mom.

My sister, who is already a mother, has already started building my niece's confidence. To be honest, it's of the best things I've witnessed. Although she's only three, seeing my niece act goofy, express herself, and stand up for herself is admirable, because it exudes the same type of confidence my mom once instilled in me.

As kids get older, struggles with self-esteem, confidence, and self-doubt become more prevalent. So, taking the time to build their confidence while they're young will help them get through those tough times. Will there still be issues? Sure. But, they'll have the knowledge and confidence to navigate through it a little better.

Not sure how to help build your little one's confidence up? These 11 books will help you get there.


'I'm Gonna Like Me' by Jamie Lee Curtis

I'm Gonna Like Me by Jamie Lee Curtis is a great book to read with your little one if you need to reiterate how much celebrating yourself is so worthwhile.

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'Freckleface Strawberry' by Julianne Moore

Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore tells a story of a young girl learning to embrace and love the skin she's in. This book is a good read for any parent looking to help their child get comfortable with themselves.

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'Spoon' by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal tells a story of a spoon that is unhappy with his life, and would rather be a fork or knife. Since kids — and even some adults — can relate to this feeling, reading this story together with your little ones will provide a valuable and lifelong lesson.

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'The Way I Feel' by Janan Cain

Janan Cain's book The Way I Feel is a perfect reading to help your children understand their emotions and know that it's OK to feel the ways that they feel.

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'You Can't Bully Me' by Linda Landes

Because this is a workbook, You Can't Bully Me goes beyond giving advice to your child for helping them build their confidence. Not only does it address how to deal with bullying, but it reminds childrenof their unique qualities and how special they truly are.

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'Little Lilly's First Day Of School' by Kadeja L. Wexler

The first day of school can be really scary and for Little Lilly, her nerves the new environment really has her questioning if things will work in her favor. In Kadeja L. Wexler's book Little Lilly's First Day of School, Lilly will show your child just how to conquer their fears and make the best out of an unlikely situation.

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'You Are Special' by Max Lucado

A top selling children's books, You Are Special tells a heartwarming tale of small wooden people in order to drive home the point that differences make you special.

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'Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun' by Maria Dismondy

Spaghetti In a Hotdog Bun tells the story of a little girl named Lucy who likes what she likes , no matter how different it may be from everyone else. The story helps children to both be themselves and accept other people who may be different from them.

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'Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon' by Patty Lovell

Short, clumsy, and unique in appearance, little Molly Lou Mellon is not the most popular girl at her new school. However with her grandmother's encouragement, she's able to handle herself quite well when faced with the school's bully. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon by Patty Lovell is a great book for children who need a little confidence boost in their lives.

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'The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes' by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein

Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein's book, The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes, shows children that it's OK to make mistakes. And, infact, doing so can actually build your confidence.

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'I Like Myself' by Karen Beaumont

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont teaches children how to appreciate everything about themselves, regardless of what other people think. An example of true self love, this book will have every little child feeling OK with saying "I'm me!"

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