11 Books That Explain Anatomy To Your Kids Without Sugarcoating It

by Meg Kehoe

You begin teaching your children about their body parts at a pretty young age. As, as with most other subjects, I'm a firm believer in the power of books to help you educate your child on the wonder that is the human body. But it can be hard to find books that explain anatomy to kids that don't sugarcoat things. Some children's book authors seem to be of the mind that children are too young to fully grasp the concepts of the human body, and tend to keep it vague when referring to body parts for children.

Rest assured that there are books don't keep it vague. No matter how old your child is, there's a book that will help explain the human body to them in a clear, educational, and straightforward way — sometimes, you just have to dig a little to find them. From explaining where your belly button comes from, to why hair grows, to reproduction, there are books that cover it all. Because even when you feel comfortable teaching your children about their bodies, it can help to have a book to back you up.

By introducing educational and entertaining books about the human body, you'll instill in them not only a love for learning, but the knowledge to answer any questions they might have about their bodies. So keep a few of these stocked on your kid's bookshelf, and let them read it any time they please.


'Amazing You' by Dr. Gail Satz

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Written honestly and concisely, Amazing You! presents clear and educational information on reproduction, birth, and the bodily differences between girls and boys.


'First Human Body Encyclopedia' by Discovery Kids

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The wonders of the human body never cease to amaze children, and through First Human Body Encyclopedia, you can rest assured that they will not only have their questions answered, but create a lifelong love for learning in the process.


'Little Explorers: My Human Body' by Ruth Martin

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With fun flaps that lift up to reveal which body parts are beneath the skin, Little Explorers: My Human Body is an exciting introduction to the human body, keeping things simple, accessible, and educational.


'What's The Big Secret?' by Lauren Krasny Brown

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From explaining how your belly button came to be, to taking them through ideas of pregnancy and sex, What's The Big Secret? presents answers to every fathomable question your child could have, with friendly illustrations to match.


'Who Has What?' by Robie H. Harris

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Who Has What? provides clear and educational information on the differences between a boy's and girl's body, while promoting body positivity along the way.


'Human Body Theater' by Maris Wicks

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A fun and entertaining take on the human body, you're sure to be a biology-lover by the time you're finished with Human Body Theater. Starting as a skeleton and working its way through each layer of the body, children will learn exactly how the body's put together.


'It's Perfectly Normal' by Robie H. Harris

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Answering almost every question a child could have about sexual health, It's Perfectly Normal educates children on everything from conception to sexually transmitted diseases, and provides children with the information they need to make educated, safe decisions about their own bodies.


'Where Did I Come From?' by Peter Mayle

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Describing the reproductive process in detail, Where Did I Come From? tackles everything from intercourse to birth in a frank, and informational way.


'The Care And Keeping Of You' by Valorie Schaefer

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I'm pretty sure I still have this book on my shelf from way back when. Courtesy of the American Girl brand, I learned about my body in a very straightforward, thorough way. The Care & Keeping of You teaches young girls about their bodies, how they grow, and what to expect as they continue to grow. Although the book is written with girls in mind, if you're looking for a book to explain the female body to your sons, you could just as easily bring this one in for reinforcements.


'The Boy's Body Book' by Kelli Dunham

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Full of common sense, tips, tricks, and expert advice, The Boy's Body Book is perfect for any young boy with questions. Growing up isn't easy, especially when hormones come into play. This book guides boys through the physical and emotional process of growing up, without sugarcoating it.


'The Everything Kids' Human Body Book' by Sheri Amsel

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From head to toe, The Everything Kids Human Body Book takes children on a journey from skin to bone, and everywhere in between. A practical and scientific explanation of why the body works the way it does, this book is great to have on your shelf as a reference for your kids.