11 Books That Pull You In From The First Sentence

If you've ever been in a reading slump, you know that sometimes you just need a book that'll reel you in right away. Not one of those slow burn novels where things only start getting good somewhere around the middle, but one that hooks you from page one. Lucky for you, my slumpy reader, there are some seriously epic books that pull you in from the first sentence, just waiting to lift you out of your reading slump.

Because when you're in a reading slump, you need the first line to really reach out and grab you. And that can be tough to find these days. Don't get me wrong, there is literature aplenty out there, but some of it is just plain old difficult to get into. With these books? Not so. One line and you're intrigued, you want — no, no you need — to know more. So whether you're into fiction or nonfiction, quirky comedies or serious suspense, young adult fiction or adult tales, there's a book out there with your name on it, ready to accompany you on a journey only a bibliophile could take. From the first words, you'll be hooked, and your slump will be gone.


'Where'd You Go, Bernadette?' by Maria Semple

The first annoying thing is when I ask Dad what he thinks happened to Mom, he always says, ‘What’s most important is for you to understand it’s not your fault.’

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'Just Kids' by Patti Smith

I was asleep when he died.

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'The Princess Bride' by William Goldman

This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it.

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'Fahrenheight 451' by Ray Bradbury

It was a pleasure to burn.

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'Gold Fame Citrus' by Claire Vaye Watkins

Punting the prairie dog into the library was a mistake.

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'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt

The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we came to understand the gravity of our situation.

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'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' by Ransom Riggs

I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.

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'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides

I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day in January of 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of 1974.

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'A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning' by Lemony Snicket

If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book.

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'Swing Time' by Zadie Smith

It was the first day of my humiliation.

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'The Virgin Suicides' by Jeffrey Eugenides

On the morning the last Lisbon daughter took her turn at suicide—it was Mary this time, and sleeping pills—the two paramedics arrived at the house knowing exactly where the knife drawer was, and the gas oven, and the beam in the basement from which it was possible to tie a rope.

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