11 Books That Will Make A Sad Kid Happy

If there is one thing that kids experience as much as adults do, it's emotions. No doubt, some are more emotional than others, but every kid has days when they're just feeling down in the dumps of childhood. No matter the cause of a child's sadness, be it an actual tragedy, a bad day at school, or a consequence they received, books are a great (and relaxing) way to cheer them up. There are so many books that will make a sad kid happy out there, that it's hard to narrow it down. Nonetheless, this list will give you some happy and inspiring reading material for when you have a kiddo that needs cheering up.

Although a child's sadness might not always be as rational as a parent would like, that doesn't negate the way they're feeling. And as parents, your job is to help them feel better when something is wrong Whether your kid is going through a particular rough patch or just had a bad day, cheering them up is usually much more simple than we try to make it.

So curl up with one of these books and their favorite snack, and you'll have your happy child back in no time.


'Be Happy!: A Little Book For A Happy You' by Monica Sheehan

It's all in the title, this book is specifically written to cheer kids up. Be Happy! by Monica Sheehan is a short and sweet book that will have your kid happy in no time.

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'Dreams Come True, All They Need Is You' by Mike Dooley

Dreams Do Come True, All They Need Is You is an enchanting, rhythmic story that will lift your kiddo's spirits and carry them off on an adventure where they'll learn that they're in charge of making their dreams come true.

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'Happy' by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell's hit song is now a kid's picture book. Sing or read along to the tune your kid's probably already know with Happy, and help them forget why they were sad in the first place.

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'The Book With No Pictures' by BJ Novak

The ridiculous rule in The Book With No Pictures is that you must say whatever is written in this book. And it will have your kids rolling with laughter.

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'Have I Got A Book For You!' by Melanie Watt

Al Foxward is a "swarthy salesman" who will do anything to get you to buy this book. Have I Got A Book For You will make your kid laugh every time.

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'I'm Bored' by Michael Ian Black

If your child has the boredom blues, read them I'm Bored and they'll think twice about using that excuse again.

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'Oh, The Places You'll Go' by Dr. Seuss

Oh, The Places You'll Go is a classic that will encourage your child and lift their spirits no matter what.

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'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds

The Dot is the story of Vashti, a girl who thinks she can't draw, but realizes she has the potential all along.

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'Press Here' by Herve Tullet

An interactive book that will distract your child from whatever made them sad, Press Here will take your kids on a journey from start to finish.

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'Yay, You: Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On' by Sandra Bounton

A book geared towards older kids, Yay You: Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On celebrates the changes, and ups and downs of a kids life.

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'Squish Rabbit' by Katherine Battersby

A simple book about learning to get along with others and the power you have to change someone's day, Squish Rabbit is a must-read to any sad kiddo.

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