11 Books That Will Make Your Kid Laugh Out Loud

by Lindsay E. Mack

When you want to encourage your kid to get into reading, using humor may be the best course of action. After all, what’s better than sending your kid into a giggle fit over a great story? There are some recent children’s books that will make your kid laugh out loud — and probably cause you to crack up as well. Seriously, when did these writers get so funny?

Whether your kid likes bright picture books, silly rhymes, or even parodies of classic kid’s lit, these reads are certain to become new favorites. (And if you’re going to read the same book a hundred times anyway, it might as well be funny, right?) By getting silly together, you and your child can strengthen your own bond. After all, few things are funnier than a mom who can get into storytime and make these characters her own. Unleashing your inner comedian can be fun for everyone, so when you’re reading them aloud, ridiculous voices are most definitely encouraged.

Chances are, reading these funny books together will help kickstart a lifelong love of reading for your kid. And you’ll make some great memories together in the meantime. Unwind with these funny books and no one will find story time boring again.


'Those Darn Squirrels!' By Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri

In this charming story, Old Man Fookwire has to contend with the sneaky squirrels who threaten to overrun his beloved bird feeders. Those Darn Squirrels! by Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri is a funny look at the relationship between humans and nature.

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'Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody' By Michael Rex

If you've read Goodnight Moon about a million times, then your kids might appreciate this hilarious take on that classic text. Michael Rex's Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody follows a little monster as he prepares for bedtime.

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'I Want My Hat Back' By Jon Klassen

This story gets big laughs with few words. Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back follows a bear who searches for his lost hat by questioning all the animals of the forest. The visual humor is sly and clever.

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'Don't Juggle Bees!' By Gerald Hawksley

If your kid loves silliness and irreverence, then Don't Juggle Bees! And Other Useless Advice For Silly Children: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids by Gerald Hawksley is sure to be a hit. The completely useless advice is perfect for goofy people of all ages.

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'The Book With No Pictures' By B.J. Novak

Will a book without pictures hold your kid's attention? Definitely. B.J. Novak's The Book With No Pictures will encourage the person reading it aloud to say nonsense or even just make silly sounds (such as BLORK.) Get ready for giggles.

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'A Perfectly Messed-Up Story' By Patrick McDonnell

Kids and messes go together like peanut butter and jelly. A Perfectly Messed-Up Story by Patrick McDonnell follows Little Louie as he tries to tell a story that keeps getting messed up in the funniest way.

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'That Is NOT A Good Idea!' By Mo Willems

Drawing inspiration from silent movies, this picture book tells the story of a dastardly fox who tries to trick a sweet goose into becoming dinner. Like most stories by Mo Willems, That Is NOT A Good Idea! will have kids rocking with laughter.

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'Z Is For Moose' By Kelly Bingham & Paul O. Zelinsky

When Zebra wants to put on a simple show about the alphabet, Moose just can't wait his turn. His desire to be the star of the show makes Z Is For Moose by Kelly Bingham & Paul O. Zelinsky pretty hilarious.

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'Oh, No, George!' By Chris Haughton

George tries his best to be a good dog, but sometimes temptation (in the form of a cake on the kitchen table, or flowers to dig up) gets the better of him. Chris Haughton's Oh No, George! is a simple and relatable story that will have kids and adults alike cracking up.

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'Snappsy The Alligator' By Julie Falatko & Tim Miller

Can kid's books contain a meta-narrative? Definitely! Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) by Julie Falatko & Tim Miller is the story of an alligator who suddenly finds himself dealing with a narrator who misconstrues all of his actions.

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'The Day The Crayons Quit' By Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

Wildly clever, The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers follows Duncan, a kid who has to convince his crayons to get along so he can get back to coloring. You may never look at that beige crayon the same way again.

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