11 Books To Get Kids Into Reading, Because It's A Lifelong Passion

Behind every great reader is a patient parent or guardian who encouraged the love of books from a young age. It’s never too early to give your kid a head start in the literary department, and there are tons of engaging, fun reads available for children of every age. There are many books to get kids into reading that are informative, funny, and sure to spark a lifelong love of learning. And most are pretty entertaining for the adult readers, too.

When in doubt, try humorous books. Even the most reluctant reader will probably be won over by a good laugh. And if you’re reading aloud to your kid, then opting for silly voices for each character is never a bad idea. Chances are you will both be cracking up long after story time is finished.

Whether you have a baby, toddler, kid, or tween, there are books certain to suit her interests and reading abilities. Children’s literature has something for even the pickiest kid. Whether she’s into animals, sports, or adventure stories, there are definitely books available to capture her interests and imagination. By surrounding your kid with a variety of make-believe, nonfiction, and everything in-between, it won’t be long before she’s happy to read everything in sight.


'Spots And Dots' by Chez Picthall

Prepare to blow your baby's mind. Chez Picthall's Spots and Dots, designed for babies from six weeks to six months of age, uses bold colors and patterns to mesmerize your little one. It's a great way to establish an early love of books without saying a single word.

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'Baby Touch and Feel: Wild Animals ' by DK

Babies love tactile, bright books. Baby Touch and Feel: Wild Animals features detailed photographs of animals and textures on each page, such as leather for the Rhino.

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'"More More More," Said the Baby' by Vera B. Williams

Colorful watercolor illustrations of joyous toddlers make Vera B. Williams' "More More More," Said The Baby is a fun read for parents and babies alike. The love between these babies and their grown-ups practically jumps off the page.

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'Press Here' by Herve Tullet

Who says only iPads are interactive? Herve Tulle's Press Here encourages toddlers to press the yellow dot, shake the page, and clap to make the dots multiply or change colors. It's basically magic.

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'Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site' by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld

There is a long tradition of toddler books that are designed to help send your little ones off to sleep. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld is a fun twist on this story that helps your little reader say goodnight to the Crane Truck, Dump Truck, and all of their vehicular friends.

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'Nursery Rhymes' by Kate Toms

Most toddlers take to rhymes like ducks to water. Kate Toms' Nursery Rhymes is a beautifully illustrated collection of classic stories, including "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Your 2-year-old will be singing these rhymes nonstop.

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'Dragons Love Tacos' by Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri

If your kid loves irreverent humor, then Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri is sure to be a hit. The imaginative book ponders the best way to host a dragon-friendly party.

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'Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale' by Mo Willems

Everyday interactions between a parent and his pre-verbal kid take a hilarious turn in Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems. When Trixie's beloved Knuffle Bunny accidentally gets left behind at a laundromat, the child tries her best to communicate with gibberish to get her dad to understand.

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'What Are The Summer Olympics?' by Gail Herman & Stephen Marchesi

Covering both sports and history, What Are The Summer Olympics by Gail Herman & Stephen Marchesi is a great choice for your competitive kiddo. You can both gain a newfound appreciation for the events and traditions that make up the Olympics.

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'TIME for Kids Big Book of Why: 1,001 Facts Kids Want to Know'

Is you tween curious about anything and everything? Great! TIME for Kids Big Book of Why will explain everything from black holes to the purpose of eyebrows. You might even learn a new factoid.

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'The Lightning Thief' by Rick Riordan

Written in an tween-friendly style, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is a fun fantasy that incorporates elements of Greek myths. The seemingly unlikely hero — a 12-year-old boy with ADHD — makes the story even more relatable.

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