11 Books To Read If You Struggle With Sleep

I love sleep, I really do. But sleep doesn't always love me. Inexplicably, there are nights where sleep alludes me. I tend to solve everything else in my life with a good book, so why I didn't check out books to read if you struggle with sleep is beyond me.

I've tried everything. From cutting out caffeine at a certain point in the day, to mediating, to creating a nightly routine. Sometimes, my brain just won't stop running long enough for me to catch a ride on the sleep train. Sometimes, I toss and turn until I can't stand it anymore, and wind up getting up and attempting to do some housework instead. Instead of attempting to handle it on my own? I should've turned to the library.

With a wealth of information on the how, the why, and the who, the following books touch on everything from learning to sleep as a new parent, coaching your child to sleep, and how to sleep better, rather than just sleeping more. Quality sleep, more than quantity sleep, can do wonders for the human body. If you're like me, and can't seem to turn the thoughts off at night, take a look at the books below, and see which one sounds like it might be the best for you to read before bed. Reading before sleep, about sleep? So meta, and so apt to help you get a better night's rest.


'Sleep Smarter' by Shawn Stevenson

Did you know that good sleep helps you fight disease, stay productive, and improve almost every function of your mind and body? Shawn Stevenson does. After an debilitating diagnosis, Stevenson was pushed to learn about the science of sleep, and in doing so, changed his entire life. With a 14-day sleep makeover plan, and 21 additional tips and strategies, Sleep Smarter is for anyone craving better sleep for a better life.


'Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day' by Robert S. Rosenberg

In Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day Robert S. Rosenberg takes a deeper look at why you're not sleeping, and addresses how to fix it. With stories of patients from his practice, Rosenberg brings to light sleep disorders other than insomnia, and how to treat those as well.


'Say Goodnight To Insomnia' by Gregg D. Jacobs

In Say Good Night To Insomnia, psychologist Gregg D. Jacobs guides readers through his six week program that was developed in his time at Harvard. Rather than relying on drugs to fall asleep, Jacobs studied cognitive behavioral therapy and its effects on sleep. Surveying the dangers of sleeping pills, Jacobs proves that his method is more effective than a pill, and teaches you how to achieve a better quality sleep.


'The Happy Sleeper' by Heather Turgeon

For all the moms in the place with style and grace and the wish for their child to be able to sleep well, The Happy Sleeper is the perfect place to start. Child sleep experts Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright show parents how to be sensitive without being overly sensitive, and teaches them how to let their child find their sleep rhythm without becoming a helicopter parent, which can actually damage a child's natural sleep pattern in the long run.


'The Promise Of Sleep' by William C. Dement

The Promise Of Sleep is a warning tale for anyone who ignores sleep, and doesn't deem it important to their health and happiness. Revealing the price you pay when you don't sleep well, if you need a wake up call? This is the book for you.


'The Harvard Medical School Guide To A Good Night's Sleep' by Lawrence Epstein

Six steps to better sleep? Sign me up. The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep provides a simple six-step plan to better sleep, and provides advice on how to maximize your quality of sleep to help energize your days.


'The Sleep Revolution' by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington believes our world is in the middle of a sleep deprivation crisis, and she wants you to take back your relationship with sleep, and cultivate a better one. The Sleep Revolution is Huffington's sweeping and deeply personal exploration of sleep, where she touches on the effects of society being so over-connected, and how it takes a toll on the most important part of your day: sleep.


'Hack Sleep' by Danny Flood

A crash course on sleep and the secrets of it, Hack Sleep takes readers through a practical guide to sleep, backed by hard science. Combat the pressure of modern life by reading this book, and learning to get a better night's rest.


'The Secret World Of Sleep' by Penelope A. Lewis

Taking the idea of 'sleeping on a problem' to figure things out, Penelope A. Lewis learns that while your body rests, the brain practices tasks and replays traumatic events throughout the the night to mollify those events, forging connections between concepts that may otherwise be considered distant in your brain. In The Secret World Of Sleep, Lewis urges readers to learn about their nocturnal brain, to see just how important it is to your waking hours.


'No More Sleepless Nights' by Peter Hauri

Bypassing any vague generalities, Peter Hauri gives readers very specific solutions to their problems with sleep. No More Sleepless Nights creates a step-by-step approach for readers to tackle their sleep issues and succeed.


'Quiet Your Mind And Get To Sleep' by Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber

Sometimes, it's not just insomnia. Sometimes, you've got something else going on. Between depression, anxiety, and chronic disorders, sleep can be even more elusive. Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep teaches readers how to calm their mind effectively before sleep, and helps you understand the correlation between your anxiety, your depression, your pain, how it's effecting your sleep, and vice versa.