11 Burger Hacks To Help You Win The Memorial Day Cookout

The first long weekend of the season is upon us. If you're anything like me, you've already stopped working this week and have started planning all of the details of your Memorial Day barbecue. Choosing the perfect drinks, music, and decor are all important parts of the planning process, but star of the show at your get together will most likely be the burger — that juicy grilled meat patty that can make or break your party. If you're no good behind the grill, you can stop worrying. There are plenty of burger hacks that can help you win Memorial Day.

When grilling the perfect burger, it's all about the details. Choosing the perfect cut of meat, getting your grill at the right temperature, and using the right amount of seasoning are key to making sure you end up with mouthwatering burgers that your friends and family will love.

Without a doubt, your guests will bring their appetites to your Memorial Day get-together this year, so try the hacks on this list and make sure your beef doesn't disappoint. And as long as you don't run out of beer, your guests will leave satisfied. They may even ask you to do it all over again on the Fourth of July.


Get Things Hot

Food blog Kitchens Surfing suggests making sure your grill is so hot that you can barely hold your hand above the surface for a few seconds before you put your burgers on to make sure your meat cooks evenly.


Slab On The Butter

Dieters may cringe, but Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay told Popsugar that basting your burger in salted butter is the key to bringing out the best flavor.


Mix Up Your Meats

Popsugar also suggests using a combination of ground beef and ground pork for a more flavorful burger.


Dress Up Your Buns

Food Network reminds readers that a good bun is just as important as a good burger, and offers suggestions on ways to spice up your store bought buns with things like egg wash, sesame seeds and a variety of seasonings.


Don't Press Down

The Week's Food 52 warns you to stop pressing down on burgers while they're grilling. Doing so presses out all of the delicious juice that adds flavor to your burgers.


Flip Only Once

Charcoal giant, Kingsford tells grillers to flip their burgers only once when they notice the edges browning to avoid losing too much moisture. Because when you're grilling, moisture equals flavor.


Saute Veggie Burger Veggies First

Veggie burgers don't have to be bland. One Green Planet suggests you sauté veggies of homemade veggie burgers in oil before adding them to your patty to enhance the flavor.


Use A Cheaper Cut Of Meat

Food 52 suggests using the cheaper cuts of meat like chuck and brisket to save money without skimping on flavor. They will have a higher fat content, making them best for a flavorful burger.


Use Your Thumb

Chef Bobby Flay told Zagat's Chef Secrets blog, that he uses his thumb to make an indentation in the center of his burgers, which helps keep the patties from bulging while cooking.


Clean Your Grill

This may seem like a no-brainer, but Buzzfeed reminds grillers to keep grills clean to prevent sloppy, sticky burgers.


Less Is More

Bon Appetit warns grillers to avoid the temptation to over accessorize our burgers. They suggest two condiments and three toppings as a limit.