11 Celebrities Who Co-Sleep With Their Little Ones

You may have already heard about attachment parenting, a trend that's making its way among Hollywood parents. While some are following the style to a Tee, some are picking and choosing certain aspects or practices that work for them, and doing away with the rest. And one trait that seems to be consistent among the group is co-sleeping. As it turns out, there are plenty of celebrities who co-sleep with their little ones, proving once again that A-listers are just like the rest of us.

If you're not familiar with this tenet of attachment parenting, you might be surprised to find that co-sleeping — parents who sleep with their children — is common and has a long history in many cultures outside of North America according to Baby Sleep Site. Of course, as with any aspect of parenting, co-sleeping comes with it's controversies. According to Parenting, many parents fear co-sleeping will increase the risk of SIDS. However, the majority of experts agree that, as long as co-sleeping is practiced correctly, bed-sharing can be a safe option for families, as noted on the University of Notre Dame's site.

And many moms, both famous and non-famous alike, have proven that this can be a safe and beneficial routine for your little one. Of the many celebrity parents who advocate for co-sleeping, they all seem to understand the risks and necessary steps required to prevent any unsafe situations. So if you're curious as to which starts are bed-sharing with their kids, check out some of these famous co-sleeping parents.


Mayim Bialik

Former Blossom star and current The Big Bang Theory series regular Mayim Bialik has become fairly synonymous with attachment parenting. And she is very vocal about it, especially when it comes to co-sleeping. On the parenting site Kveller, Bialik wrote that she, "chose to safely co-sleep with her sons, "participating in the subset of co-sleeping known as bed-sharing." Bialik cited her various certifications and knowledge on the subject as her foundation for choosing to co-sleep.


Milla Jovovich

This action star is decidedly sweet and nurturing when it comes to her role as a mother. In an interview with People, Milla Jovovich said, "we share sleep at night . . . it’s helped us so much to stay connected as a family." Perhaps the fact that most families' days are filled with activities, it's grounding to be able to reconnect at night.


Tori Spelling

The name Tori Spelling and the word "sleep" may bring to mind the cult-status Lifetime movie, Mother May I Sleep With Danger? But these days, her sleeping routine is all about her family. On her personal website, Spelling wrote, "I love having the kids in our bed to cuddle, and I think the bigger the bed, the better." Never one to shy away from sharing her life with the world, Spelling has also posted pictures on her Instagram with hashtags like #familybed and #mamasbed.


Kourtney Kardashian

Not much of what the Kardashian clan does is kept under wraps, so it's no surprise that Kourtney Kardashian openly shared her feelings on co-sleeping. In an interview with People where she defended her bed-sharing practice, Kardashian said, "I love when you sleep with your baby, you breathe together on the same pattern." Overall, it seemed that being able to strengthen her bond with her children through co-sleeping took precedent over outsiders' opinions.


Heidi Klum

People reported that Heidi Klum co-sleeps out of convenience. "Johan sleeps in our bed and that makes it a lot easier," she said. As many parents can surely agree, anything that makes caring for a newborn a bit easier is a welcome idea.


Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has always done things on her own terms, turning a deaf ear to critics of her unconventional lifestyle, and how she chooses to raise her children is no different. According to People,Jolie said they, "have family sleep on Sundays."


Gwen Stefani

For triple-threat star Gwen Stefani, co-sleeping is all about living a life without regrets despite her jam-packed schedule. In an interview with Stylist, Stefani explained bed-sharing, "I don’t want to look back and say, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t sleep with Zuma that time because I was too tired,’ so I’ll just snuggle up with him tonight."


Tia Mowry

One half of the Sister, Sister duo, Tia Mowry has candidly shared her parenting choices with others throughout her time in the public eye. In an interview with OK!, Mowry said her son sleeps with her and her husband, and they love it. "I’m a working mom, so when I come home and put him to bed, he’s right there with me," Mowry explained. Arguably plenty of working parents can understand her situation.


Salma Hayek

In regards to co-sleeping, People reported that Salma Hayek said, "I put my baby to sleep every night and I love that moment, even though sometimes it takes hours.” There truly is something about the precious bedtime hours you get to spend with your child when they're still young.


Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is perhaps one of the loudest and proudest voices of attachment parenting. In her book, The Kind Mama, Silverstone wrote, "nothing is sweeter than your newborn sleeping on your chest." She went on to share her position on co-sleeping, "sharing a bed with baby means you can tune in better to her needs."


Nia Long

Some parents who co-sleep do so well beyond infancy. In fact, one celebrity parent loves bed-sharing so much, she has continued the practice for nearly a decade. According to Baby Center, Nia Long said, "my son still sleeps in bed with me [Massai is 9-years-old] and I love it." This just goes to show that every family finds their own fit when it comes to sharing sleep space with their children.