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11 Celebrity Moms Who Aren't Afraid To Flaunt Their Stretch Marks

When I was in high school, I gained a few pounds and a lot of muscle. From running track to lifting weights, my body began to change and along with it, a few stretch marks started to form, too. My mom would always tell me that it was a natural thing, but I was so self-conscience about them. Though I'm not a parent yet, I've found solace in seeing the celebrity moms who aren't afraid to flaunt their stretch marks for the entire world to see.

Seeing and hearing these women who are always in the spotlight speak so positively about their body images has helped me to realize that it's not that big of a deal. With the world and the media placing such a big emphasis on women having perfect bodies, it's very difficult for us to want to embrace the things about us that aren't always deemed as the most beautiful. In the past, women have done all that they can to remove stretch marks and have perfect bodies, so to see celebrities embrace those same things, it sends a message to young women across the world about loving every part of yourself. It took me a while to love my imperfections, but now I can confidently say that I wouldn't change my "marks of love" for anything in the world.

Looking for a little inspiration to love yours? These 11 celebrity moms will give you as much as you need.


Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel mom and wife Chrissy Teigen never had a problem showing off her stretch marks before having her baby girl Luna, and still has no problem showing them off now. E! Online wrote that Teigen posted a video on her Snapchat showing off her stretch marks and has taken a no Photoshop approach to life.


Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba stated that though others may find them as a flaw, she's learned to love her stretch marks, OK! magazine wrote.


Alyssa Milano

People wrote that Alyssa Milano embraced her post baby-body by stating: "I love my stretch marks. I have them on my boobs, my ass, and on my belly."


Cindy Crawford

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In 2015, an unedited Marie Claire lingerie photoshoot of Cindy Crawford was leaked, revealing her stretch marks for the world to see. Though Crawford never issued a response, in 2009, she told Redbook, "I have cellulite. I admit it. But sometimes I just say, 'Screw it, I am going to wear a bikini,'" showing that she doesn't care what people say about her body.


Julia Roberts

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Babble noted that Julia Roberts was a "heroine for real women" when she bared her stretch marks in a bikini on the beach in 2009.


Kate Winslet

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Mirror wrote that Kate Winslet proudly revealed her stretch marks for her film Little Children, and stated that it was important for her to be a real person and say that she's not perfect.


Reese Witherspoon

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Back in 2007, Reese Witherspoon said "I am covered in stretch marks and cellulite but it doesn't bother me at all. My body will never be the same again but I really don't care," Women's Weekly wrote.


Katie Holmes

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Despite most people feeling the need to hide their stretch marks, Katie Holmes has had no issues embracing hers on her stomach when she lounges out by the pool, Daily Mail noted.


Miranda Kerr


According to New York magazine, model Miranda Kerr didn't care if she got stretch marks when she was pregnant; she only cared if she was having a healthy baby.




According to Latin Gossip, songstress Shakira was bashed for lifting up her shirt exposing her stretch marks during a performance in 2014, but that hasn't stopped her from showing off her amazing body in videos and on stage.


Jennifer Lopez


According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Lopez stated that she "just didn't care" about her flabby belly after giving birth to her twins in 2008.