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11 Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings We Can All Relate To

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

I've always hoped that, if I ever became pregnant, I'd look as flawless as the celebrities moms-to-be. Whether they're in their first or last trimester, there's something so elegant about expecting A-listers. Though celebrities have a tendency to keep certain parts of their pregnancy private, one thing that many celebs have been open about is their uncontrollable pregnancy cravings. And it's not for fancy faire. There are many celebrity pregnancy cravings we can all relate to.

Although some celebrities have cravings that I would pray to not have (according to Babble, Britney Spears craved dirt during her pregnancy, and Us Weekly reported that Kourtney Kardashian's one-time need for a mayo and relish sandwich. No thank you!), there are many other treats that many people find myself craving on a daily basis even without a baby bump. From sweets to pizza, these are the things that most people drool over daily and demand second helpings of. It seems the starts, especially pregnant ones, are just like us. At least, when it comes to food.

Check out these 11 tasty foods that the stars wanted most during their pregnancy, and see how they compare to your own pregnancy cravings.



According to Parents magazine, country singer Carrie Underwood craved Pop-Tarts regular during her pregnancy with her first child.



Although pizza is a daily craving for many people Kate Middleton's crazy craving for it led her to have a pizza party in her hotel room, as reported by Us Weekly.


Mexican Food

According to In Touch, Mila Kunis craved Mexican food during her pregnancy. And who can blame her?



In an interview with Us Weekly, Tina Knowles revealed that Beyoncé craved waffles when pregnant.


Fresh Salad

There's nothing like a fresh salad to make your day great. And according to OK! magazine, Kendra Wilkinson's pregnancy cravings included fresh salads and anything with lemon.



When Jennifer Love Hewitt was pregnant with her first child in 2013, she told People magazine that one of her biggest cravings were cupcakes. Who could blame her?



Have you ever had In-N-Out, then you'd know why Nicole Richie craved In-N-Out burgers regularly, according to Babble.



Although cherry pie and ice cream were some of her favorites during her pregnancy, Parents magazine noted that there was a week that Kelly Rowland craved nothing but nachos during her pregnancy.


Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

According to Pop Sugar, Jessica Alba craved ham and cheese sandwiches throughout her pregnancy.


Sour Candy

According to Babble, Pink craved sour candies while pregnant with her daughter.



According to Parents magazine, Snooki had strong cravings for fresh fruit during both of her pregnancies.