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11 Celebs Who Look Exactly Like Their Baby Photo


People seem to love combing through photos of celebrities from before they were famous, when they maybe were babies or little kids, not as polished and pulled together as they tend to always seem to be now. Celebrities aren't all that different from other people, however. Some people look just the same as grown-ups as they did as little kids or even babies, while others look nearly unrecognizable as adults from the way they looked back then. There are some celebs who look exactly like their baby photos too, just as there are some that look like entirely different people as adults.

Pretty much everyone goes through awkward stages at some point in their lives, when they maybe don't look as attractive, stylish, or put together as they might like. It can sometimes be easy to feel like you don't really look like yourself during those periods. These celebs, however, have seemingly looked like themselves from when they were itty bitty babies. Though their style, haircuts, and the like may have changed quite a bit over the years, their features are familiar and seemingly unchanging. From childhood to adulthood, these actors, singers, and other celebrities have remained just as recognizable as ever.

1. Sophie Turner

sophiet on Instagram

Turner posted this sweet shot with her mom in March of 2017 and captioned it, "Happy Mothers Day mamaaaaa" with a couple of hearts. Though Turner has certainly grown up quite a bit since this photo was taken, she still looks remarkably the same.

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2. Lauren Conrad

laurenconrad on Instagram

Conrad posted this shot in 2014, captioning it, "#tbt to when I rocked gold scrunchies and acid washed overalls like no ones business." The author and entrepreneur — and former reality TV star — looks every bit of the 80s and 90s girl here (and quite a bit like Michelle Tanner, no?). Still, she's a miniature version of the woman she is today.

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3. Miley Cyrus

mileycyrus on Instagram

Cyrus posted this photo of herself in August of 2017 and it's hard to miss that it's her as a little girl. She looked exactly the same then as she does now.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

4. Lily Collins

lilyjcollins on Instagram

She might have blond hair, but her face is unmistakably Lily Collins. The actress and author posted this photo in May 2017, captioning it, "Throwback #mood. Long week of long flights. Happy to be home with the day off!..."

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5. Justin Bieber

justinbieber on Instagram

Who else could this be but tiny Justin Bieber? The singer posted this photo of himself on Instagram in September of 2017, captioning it, "Daaaaas me."

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6. Gigi Hadid

gigihadid on Instagram

Supermodel Gigi Hadid posted this cute mother-daughter shot to celebrate her mom's birthday on January 11. She might be just a little thing in the picture, but she looks oh-so-much like she looks now.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

7. Jennifer Garner

jennifer.garner on Instagram

Those eyes and dimples give away that this little girl is actually Jennifer Garner (in case the accompanying quote didn't give it away first). Garner posted this shot on Instagram in September 2017 with the hashtags #TBT, #8dollarhaircut, and #everyonethoughtiwasaboy.

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8. Drake

champagnepapi on Instagram

If that little kiddo isn't Drake, I don't know who it could possibly be. Drake posted the photo on Instagram on January 4. It's clear from this picture that the performer hasn't changed much beyond growing older over the years.

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9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

hitrecordjoe on Instagram

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hasn't changed a bit. He looks just the same now as he did as a little kid. Gordon-Levitt posted this photo on Instagram in August 2017, captioning it, "Playing "Bully #2" on Family Ties.. #TBT."

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

10. Uzo Aduba

uzoaduba on Instagram

This just has to be Uzo Aduba. The Orange Is The New Black star posted this childhood shot on Instagram in December of 2017, captioning it, "Christmas flashback to when standing on countertops was a thing. #fbf." The smile gives it away for sure.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

11. Sophia Bush

sophiabush on Instagram

In January of 2017, actress Sophia Bush posted this photo on Instagram as a #tbt. It'd be hard to mistake the little girl in this photo for anyone other than Bush. The actress looks just the same now as she did then. Her eyes and smile are nearly identical.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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