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11 Cheap Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That Keep Things Affordable


As Halloween sneaks up, the countdown to nabbing the perfect costume is totally on. If you haven't been thinking about some cool costumes to wear with your significant other this year, you might want to jump on the ball. Though I'm totally single this year and not really able to dress up in a cute outfit with my non-existent lover, I do know how important it is to find costumes that are affordably priced. That's why having some cheap couples Halloween costume ideas on hand this year is definitely needed.

Although you still have some time till Halloween night, waiting until the very last minute to get your costumes in order will have you scrambling to get what you want and quite possibly spending more than you would like. And, times that by two — one for you and one for your honey — and you've spent over the amount you would have if you'd gone above and beyond to do it yourself.

Since Halloween is meant to bring out the fun in every adult, keeping it as affordable, yet creative as you can will help keep your love for the ghoulish night monster mashing for years to come.

If you need a little inspiration of how to stay on budget, but get some cool couple costume ideas, these 11 options could help.

1Daphne & Fred


If you and your lover are planning to solve some mysteries this Halloween, dresing in these Fred ($25), and Daphne ($22) from Scooby Doo costumes should be your first pick.

2Fred & Wilma


Get yabba-dabba-cute with your other half this Halloween as Fred ($18) and Wilma ($19) of The Flintstones.

3Barney & Betty


Are you and your honey more like best friends? Then opt to be Barney ($18) and Betty ($18) Rubble instead.

4Adam & Eve

Is your love as sweet as forbidden fruit? Dress up as Adam and Eve ($25) this Halloween to prove it.

5King & Queen Of Hearts

Rule the land with pride this Halloween as you and your partner become the King and Queen of Hearts ($30).

6Gomez & Morticia


Look ghoulishly in love this year by dressing as Morticia ($11) and Gomez ($27) from The Addams Family.

7Plug & Socket

Give your love a little charge by dressing in a plug and socket ($29) costume this Halloween.

8Greek God & Goddess


Show your sense of royalty as a couple this year in your Greek god and goddess costume ($17 each).

9Peanut Butter & Jelly

Now, there's an easier way to hit the "Peanut Butter Jelly" this year with your significant other (if you're old enough to remember that song). Nab this two-for-one peanut butter and jelly ($23) costume idea and get the crowd moving.

10Tacky Tourists

Survey the new vacation scene this year in your tacky tourists ($27 each) costumes and point out all the fascinating landmarks you see.


Steal all the booty this Halloween with your lover as a pair of sexy pirates ($19 each) looking for trouble.