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11 Cheap Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Clique

When I was a kid, I always wanted to dress up for Halloween in matching outfits with my friends. Though I was never able to do this as a kid, everything changed when I got to college. Since we were always on a budget (what college student isn't?), we had to make sure we found cheap group Halloween costume ideas that could give us the most bang for our buck.

Whether my group costume ideas happened to be with a bunch of my girlfriends or a mixtures of girls and boys, we managed to have the most fun with our creative ideas and do it at the lowest cost possible.

Though DIY costumes have become increasingly popular, sometimes they can become a little pricy and can take up a bunch of time depending on what type of costume you're looking to have. Having some ideas handy of costumes you and your friends can purchase for Halloween that can fit everyone's budget will definitely be a positive thing this year.

As Halloween quickly approaches, be sure that you and your pals get a head start on nabbing your affordable costume. If you need a little help on what ideas you can go with this year, these 15 options should make it to your list.


'50s Sock Hop Girls

Get ready to dance the night away with your girls this Halloween and go as a group of '50s hop girls ($27).



Band together with your pals and catch all the ghosts flying around this Halloween in your Ghostbusters costume ($29)


Crayola Crayons

Paint the city red, blue and green with your pals this year as each of you go as your favorite Crayola crayon ($25).



Loved Despicable Me? Get some of your girls together this year and go as the coolest set of minions ($30) anyone will ever see.


Big Babies

If you and your group of friends are known as "big babies," then make it become real life this year for Halloween with these adult baby costumes ($25).



Keep the chocolate cool this year with you and your crew dressing up as colorful M&M's ($20) for Halloween.



Stay sweet as honey for Halloween this year as you and your crew go as a pack of bees ($20). Be careful not to sting anyone.



Give up your human form for one night in these colorful mermaid skirts ($23) for you and your gang. Be sure to pair with your favorite crop or bikini top.


The Cast Of 'Scooby Doo'

Jinkies! Get your crew together and solve the mystery of the night in these Velma ($21), Shaggy ($24), Fred ($25), and Daphne ($22) costumes.


The Cast Of 'The Flintstones'

Yabba-Dabba-Do your way on down the ghoul train line this year as Fred ($18), Wilma ($19), Barney ($18) and Betty ($18).



Rep where you're from or what you love in these flag dresses such as Mexico ($21), the United States ($20), and Canada ($23).