11 Christmas-Themed Baby Names For Your Holiday Arrival


Of all the Christmas gifts you can receive, becoming a parent may be one of the best (well, aside from a spa day of course.) It changes your life in the most amazing ways and gives a whole new meaning to the season of giving. If your due date falls on December 25 (or the surrounding days) you may want to chose a Christmas-themed baby name that captures the spirit of the holiday and the reason for the season.

The thought of naming your child after the holiday that they'll inevitably feel steals their birthday's thunder may seem inappropriate at first thought, Christmas-inspired baby names are far from tacky or silly. In fact, some of the seasonal monikers only hint at the holiday, leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

Whether you want your Christmas baby’s name to be sprinkled with tinsel or shine a small light on the holiday, there are plenty of options. From gender neutral names to monikers rooted in history and tradition to a few names you’ve never even considered before, there are a number to choose from.

Each of these Christmas-themed baby names bring to mind the "most wonderful time of the year,” which will only get that much better with the birth of your little Christmas baby.

1. Belle

This subtle hint to the Christmas season is a gorgeous choice that means beautiful. With connotations from everything from Disney to Southern women, this name exudes elegance and, as luck would have it, quite a bit of Christmas spirit.

2. Emmanuel

This name was historically popular among Jewish immigrants and was the Biblical name given to their Messiah, however, in present times it is experiencing a comeback making it a worthy contender for a Christmas baby. Meaning "God with us", this name is perfect for your winter boy.

3. Eve

Expecting on Christmas Eve? This name, meaning life, is a classic choice with unexpected and subtle Christmas undertones.

4. Gabriel

Another tried and true Biblical name meaning "God is my strength". Gabriel was the arch-angel who announced Jesus' birth. Though it's traditionally a boys' name, it has beautiful feminine alternatives like Gabriella.

5. Holly

This lively, green plant is a traditional theme throughout Christmas songs and decorations. It's among the top 30 in England, but is less popular in the states. Why not give it a well deserved comeback?

6. Joy

Though the meaning is pretty self explanatory, this short and sweet moniker perfectly captures the feeling of Christmas, especially if it's the day your baby is born!

7. Merry

Another cheery name with nothing but happy connotations. What better way to give the holiday of her birth a nod than with this unique name?

8. Nicholas

This name meaning people of victory, is a non-cheesy tribute to Saint Nick, but one that doesn't scream "Christmas" each time you hear it.

9. Noelle

This beautiful name is the French word for Christmas. The name also has a male alternative "Noel" that is popular in the U.K.

10. Pax

This gender neutral choice is the Latin word for peace, one of the biggest themes during Christmastime. What better way to instill this important trait in your child than by naming them after the word?

11. Stella

Meaning star, this is another name with Latin origins. Aside from being the topper on your Christmas tree, it makes a beautiful name for a baby girl.

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