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11 Clues You're Raising A Clingy Child

Is your kid permanently attached to your leg? Do you feel like a more of a marsupial than a mama? If leaving the room involves you performing some kind of secret ninja technique and you can barely go to the bathroom without your little one at your feet, you should take those as clues that you are raising a clingy child. It's natural for all young children to be attached to their parents, but there are cases when the attachment can go a little too far.

If you think your kid is a little too clingy, you don't have to worry. There are things you can do to help ease their anxiety. As Slate suggests, kids are more comfortable when things are routine. Kids learn to feel more secure if they can predict what's happening next, which will make life a little easier for you if you need to leave your child with a relative or caregiver.

Look for these signs of clinginess in your child, and slowly begin to take steps to encourage them to be more independent. Although it may be difficult to teach your kids to do things without you while they're young, you'll be glad you did when they aren't living in your basement 20 years from now.


They Won't Let You Leave

According to Today's Parent, if you find that your kid won't let you out the door, chances are, they are clingy.


They Don't Want To Be Alone

Aha Parenting site suggests that a child who can't play at a friend's house without a parent being there may have issues with clinginess.


They Don't Want To Socialize

According to Baby Center, a clingy kid may be uncomfortable socializing at the playground or school, instead choosing to remain in the comfort of your lap.


They Constantly Look To You For Approval

Does everything they do require a thumbs up from you? A child with attachment issues may need a little more encouragement from parents than others.


They Won't Go To Bed

As Baby Center suggests, a child may be a little too attached to his parents, if instead of sleeping, you are spending most of your night chasing monsters from under his bed.


They Only Want To Be With One Parent

Your child may have issues with separation if he throws a tantrum when one parent leaves the room, and refuses to be in the company of another parent or caregiver, according to Parents.


They Refuse To Be Put Down

Parenting website What To Expect notes that a clingy toddler may prefer being carried by her mom and dad to walking on her own two feet.


They Wet The Bed

Although bed wetting is a normal part of growing up, WebMD tells us that excessive bed wetting could be a sign of separation anxiety.


They Cry Excessively

It's normal for a kid to cry when mom or dad leaves, but they should be able to get comfortable with their caregiver shortly. If the crying lasts too long, your child could have some separation anxiety, says WebMD.


They Always Need To Know Where You Are

The Child Mind Institute notes that children with separation anxiety have an overwhelming need to know where their parents are.


They Make Themselves Sick

A child with an extreme separation anxiety issue may even exhibit physical symptoms of worry when they know they are going to be away from their parents, says The Child Mind Institute.