11 Nifty College Graduation Gifts For Guys, That Are As Useful As They Are Cool

by Lindsay E. Mack

Graduation season is a time to celebrate major achievements, plan for new beginnings, and sit through about a thousand rounds of "Pomp and Circumstance." Do you know a dude who's walking the stage to collect his diploma soon? If so, then these college graduation gifts for him are an awesome reward for all his hard work. Saying goodbye to final exams week forever is a moment worth celebrating.

As your grad works through all the relief and nervousness that comes with this stage of life, give him a little something to make that transition to adulthood just a bit easier. The best graduation gifts are both thoughtful and practical. They will help your newly degreed friend navigate the world with a little more ease. Hey, it's a big deal when you get to decorate your first apartment or learn how to cook something other than instant noodles for the first time.

Of course, even the most thoughtful gift cannot totally prepare someone for the realities of post-college life. But at least your grad will know you have his back. Whether he's off to pursue an advanced degree or cranking out resumes, your gift will serve as a reminder that he's not alone in this journey.


A Super Useful Pen

5-in-1 Tool Pen, $25, Uncommon Goods

Give your grad the gift of preparation. This handy pen keeps a variety of tools on hand, from a level to a screwdriver. It's a pocket-sized toolkit that will equip him for on-the-fly repairs and measurements.


Some Minimal Sneakers

Men's Wool Runners, $95, Allbirds

Make sure your grad has great shoes to take him wherever his path leads. Billed as the world's most comfortable shoe, Allbirds makes cozy kicks that go with everything.


A Sturdy Travel Kit

Chapter Travel Kit Carry-On, $25, Herschel Supply Company

If your grad plans to do some traveling this summer, then this kit is a super thoughtful gift. It's the perfect companion for in-flight carryons or last-minute road trips.


A Classic Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker, $27, Amazon

Elevate his coffee game. A French press brews up some delicious coffee, and this stainless steel one will spruce up any first apartment kitchen.


A Cult-Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, $100, Target

Help your new grad escape the instant noodle rut. This handy device can cook everything from rice to chili to stew in no time at all, making sad dorm dinners a thing of the past.


A Cool Houseplant

Snake Plant & Olmsted Planter, $47, The Sill

Give the gift of greenery. This awesome snake plant is a hearty addition to any new living space. Plus, it's a great beginner plant for those who are still finding their green thumb.


A Next-Level Water Bottle

MIRA Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, $15+, Amazon

Vacuum insulated water bottles are basically magic. These things keep drinks icy cold for 24 hours, or they keep hot drinks toasty for about 12 hours. They come in a whole host of sizes and colors, too.


A Goofy Party Game

What Do You Meme Game, $30, Urban Outfitters

Hey, grad gifts don't have to be all about practicality. This silly card game is just begging to be paired with a few drinks and a few friends. I mean, you have to do something with all those years of acquired meme knowledge.


Some Amazing Headphones

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, $35+, Amazon

Upgrade those tangled earbuds he's had forever. These over-ear headphones (an Amazon bestseller) offer both wireless and wired options, and they even have passive noise cancellation. At less than $40, they're a steal.


A Handy Manicure Set

Six Piece Manicure Set, $39, Macys

It may not be the most thrilling gift in the bunch, but he'll probably use this thing for years to come. Really, it probably won't ever have to be replaced, and he'll thank you for it.


A Minimalist Wallet

Sailcloth Vanguard Billfold Wallet, $23, Flowfold

Super slim and compact, this wallet is made from durable sailcloth which means it's water resistant, vegan, and ready for your new grad's every adventure.

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