11 Common Body Language Mistakes That Make You Less Likable

One Friday after our weekly meeting, my boss pulled me aside to ask if everything was OK. Shocked at the question, I said, "Yes, why?" This was the first time I was made aware of my resting bitch face, which happens when I am listening intently to something. Sometimes people send the wrong message without meaning to, which is why it's good to take inventory of your habits to see if you have any of the common body language mistakes that make you less likable. Because chances are it's just an old habit that you aren't consciously aware of doing.

Even though I am just listening very carefully, the intense stare and tightening of my facial muscles can be alarming to the person I am listening to; the message received is not the one I intended to send. This can happen more often than you think, and if you have some negative body language tendencies, people may start to like you less because of how they read your gestures.

To make sure that you're expressing with your body what you're thinking and feeling, consider these 11 mistakes you maybe making with your body language that may cause people to like you less.


Crossed Arms

Even though this may be a habit that you think is harmless, you could be sending the wrong message to others. As Reader's Digest pointed out, people can read crossed arms as distant, insecure, anxious, defensive, or stubborn, so you'll want to find another resting position for those arms of yours.


Rude Feet

You may not realize the role your feet play in body language, but as it turns out, your tootsies are saying a lot. As body language expert and author, Joe Navarro told Prevention, when you turn your feet away from someone, it sends the message that you don't like them.


Hiding Your Hands

What are you trying to hide? Maybe nothing put sweaty palms, but to observers, putting your hands in your pockets or behind your back makes you appear untrustworthy, according to Real Simple magazine.



The less you move, the more credible you appear. As Business Insider pointed out, fidgeting and squirming make you appear anxious or dishonest to listeners. So try keeping those hand gestures to a minimum.


Not Nodding

As The Muse pointed out, "nodding is almost universally perceived as a sign of encouragement and acceptance." When you forget to provide this cue in conversation, the other person may feel like you disagree with what they're saying.


Bad Posture

Aside from being a bad habit for your body, slouching can send some unflattering messages. According to Forbes magazine, when people slouch, they are perceived as lazy, so it's recommended to aim for a neutral positioning of your torso.


Weak Handshake

This one is interesting to me, because a weak handshake is something that has always made me cringe. So it's interesting to discover that a weak handshake is a sign of insecurity and a lack of authority, according to Inc. magazine.


Too Much Or Too Little Eye Contact

Striking the perfect balance is key for this one. When it comes to eye contact, too little says, "not interested," while too much can make the other person uncomfortable, like you're staring, according to Psychology Today.


Public Superman-ing

The superman pose may make you feel powerful, but it's best done in the privacy of your own home. As Reader's Digest pointed out, the superman pose can seem aggressive in front of others and you may even appear threatening.


Waving Your Hands

Keeping your hands in check says a lot about what you're thinking and feeling. When you wave your hands too much while talking, it sends the message that you are impatient, according to Prevention. Save waving your hands like you just don't care for the dance floor.


Toe Tapping

Maybe you're just feeling the beat, but others may get the wrong signal from your toe tapping. As Psychology Today reported, when you toe tap too much, other sense you're impatient and want to leave the situation.