11 Compliments About Your Pregnancy That Are Really Insulting

When you're pregnant, a lot of things will drive you crazy. You're probably not getting a whole lot of sleep, every appendage aches, and don't even get me started on the hemorrhoids. In addition to all of the physical discomfort, there will be people who will inevitably say some really insensitive things to you, simply because they don't know any better. They will force you to endure compliments about your pregnancy that are actually insults.

From the condition of your skin to the size of your belly (which, they will most likely want to touch without asking), these self-proclaimed pregnancy experts will approach you when you least expect it — at the grocery store, on the subway, at family gatherings. They may or may not have had kids of their own, but that certainly won't stop them from throwing all of the wives tales and unsubstantiated "facts" about pregnancy at you that they can.

If you've received one of the "compliments" on this list, you probably either scratched your head or gave the person some serious side eye. But try to stay calm and keep in mind that the sight of a pregnant woman's belly turns most people into complete idiots. And try to remember how those comments made you feel when you see a pregnant woman at the grocery store nine months from now.


"You Haven't Gained That Much Weight."

Weight is a pretty sensitive subject with pregnant women. Besides being self-conscious about carrying extra pounds, moms-to-be may be concerned that not gaining enough weight could be harmful to their baby.


"You Look Like You're Ready To Pop."

Again, it's best to steer clear of any comments about a pregnant woman's weight. Every pregnancy is different, and every mom gains different amounts of weight. Let her doctor advise her on what's appropriate.


"You Won't Have Any Problems Breastfeeding Since Your Boobs Are Huge."

Believe it or not, the size of your breasts are not an indication of what your breastfeeding experience will be like. And for all you know, she may not be planning to breastfeed at all. Either way, the decision whether or not to breastfeed is a very personal one for most mothers.


"Pregnancy Suits You."

They may think they're telling you that you look good, but no one wants to hear that swollen feet and a ginormous belly suits them.


"You're Glowing."

No, that's not a pregnancy glow. It's sweat from walking around the city while carrying a ton of extra baby weight.


"You Have It Easy."

This is probably the worst thing you can say to a pregnant woman. Even if they aren't experiencing morning sickness or other physical symptoms, pregnancy can take a pretty major mental and emotional toll on a woman as well. It's not easy for any woman, and don't try to tell them that.


"Your Hair Is Really Growing."

As Baby Center noted, pregnancy hormones cause some women to experience hair growth at a faster rate than normal. And not just on their hair.


"You Are Bootylicious."

If you notice that a pregnant friend has a little more junk in the trunk, it's best to keep your comments to yourself. You don't know how she may be feeling about her pregnant figure.


"You Have Child Bearing Hips."

If you've ever been in labor, you know that it's no day at the beach. No matter what your hips are shaped like, childbirth hurts.


"You Look Comfortable."

She may not love sensible shoes, but back pain, varicose veins, and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms may force some women to put the stilettos in the back of the closet until after the baby arrives.


"You're Lucky To Be Pregnant At Your Age."

Every mom-to-be knows how lucky she is to be carrying a healthy baby. You don't need to remind her, and you certainly don't want to give her anything else to be anxious about.