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11 Creative Couples Costumes For Pregnant Women & Their Partners

Though Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, Halloween quickly took first place when I was pregnant. Why? Well besides the obvious reason that it's the one time of year you're encouraged to eat all the candy, it's also the only time of year it felt socially acceptable to me to embrace my growing midsection. In a world full of Spanx and waist trainers, I was happy to make the most out of my baby bump. But why go solo? There are plenty of adorable, hilarious, and creative couple costumes for pregnant women that get partners in on the fun too.

Whether you're looking for an idea guaranteed to get laughs at your next Halloween party or you're hoping to stand out from the crowd with an iconic look sure to go down in the history books, there are plenty of super simple, DIY options. From inanimate objects to fictional characters, there is a wide range of inspiration for your couples costume theme.

If you're stumped as to what you and your other half can dress up as for Halloween while getting the most mileage out of your blossoming belly, then check out these genius couples costumes for pregnant moms.


Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleeker

20th Century Fox

All you need to look like a real-life Juno is an army green hooded-jacket ($18), a striped top ($9), a plaid miniskirt ($15) to go over a pair of worn-in jeans from the back of your closet, and a pair of plaid Chuck Taylors ($31) to complete the look. For the character of Paulie, you need a Dancing Elk Condors Maroon T-Shirt ($18), yellow gym shorts ($14), a yellow headband plus a pair of wristbands ($3), and striped tube socks ($11).


Wrecking Ball

As the expectant mom, your baby bump can serve as the wrecking ball by cutting a hole in a black shirt ($10) around the stomach so a grey undershirt ($16) can serve as the "ball." Add a pair of black leggings ($15) and a chain necklace ($13), and your luck is complete. All your partner needs is a white crop top ($9), white bottoms ($14), a blonde wig ($10), and a little bit of courage to pull of the Miley Cyrus look.


Split Avocado

If you've ever made guacamole at home, then you know that when you cut open an avocado, one side has a nut and the other side is hollow. You and your partner can recreate this by cutting holes so your tanks underneath can peek through as the nut and the hollow. All you need are two basic green t-shirts ($5 each), a brown maternity tank ($9) for your bump, and a yellow tank ($11) for the hollow side.


Maggie & Glenn


Though the fate of Maggie Greene, Glen Rhee, and their unborn child is still unknown, you and your partner can take it back to happier times for the couple with this classic costume. For Maggie's look, you'll need an olive green maternity tank ($8), over-sized jacket ($30), maternity skinny jeans ($22), rugged combat boots ($33), and a trusty utility belt ($13), just in case things go south. Straight out of the comic and into real life, your partner will look just like Glenn with a back pack ($13) for going on runs, the iconic red baseball cap ($7), green undershirt ($8), and memorable baseball jersey ($20).


Queen Bee & Beekeeper

Clearly you're the queen bee of your hive. So you can look the part with black and yellow striped pajamas ($36), a bee antennae headband ($6), and for your partner, a beekeeper hooded jacket ($8) and pants ($10) to match will keep them safe and stylish.


Pumpkin & Farmer

To look the part of a pumpkin patch, you'll need green leggings ($8) and a green shirt ($6 )so you can cut a hole for your pumpkin bump, which you can create using orange body paint ($5). For your farmer, a pair of overalls ($30), a plaid shirt ($8), and a straw hat ($8) is all they'll need.


Sully & Mike


Your partner can be the intimidating Sully with a pair of blue hooded pajamas ($35) and you can add the iconic spots with temporary pink hair spray ($3.99). To be Mike, simply rock a green hooded pajama ($39), but let your bump act as Mike's giant eyeball by using black and white makeup ($2.99).


Chuck Noland & Wilson

20th Century Fox

For this look, you'll need a giant beach ball ($6) so you can paper maché the outside to be your costume. Once it's dried and the ball is deflated, turn it into the Wilson volleyball with white spray paint ($6), and red costume paint ($2) for the hand print. For Tom Hank's role, all you really need is a fake beard ($5), a bit of self-tanner ($7), and some ragged shorts ($16).


Spaghetti & Sauce

You have a couple options for this one. You can either go to a local store and ask if they have any cardboard boxes they'd be willing to give you, or you can pick up some craft cardboard pieces yourself ($8/5pk). The super easy part is that you just cut out holes in the cardboard for your limbs and head, then copy and print out large versions of logos—like Barilla spaghetti ($1) and Prego sauce ($5)—to decorate your boxes.


Chef & Bun In The Oven

Everyone knows the phrase, "you've got a bun in the oven," so why not do a literal interpretation with your costumes? You can rock the bun in the oven costume ($27) and your partner can dress appropriately in a chef costume ($30) since they helped make the bun in the first place.


Referee & Basketball

Give your partner the opportunity to call the shots in this referee costume ($30) while you let your bump take the spotlight on the court when you transform it into a basketball using a picture of a basketball for reference, some non-toxic orange body paint ($5) and a black makeup stick ($3). Game on.