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11 Creative Halloween Costumes For Best Friends

With Halloween right around the corner, it's nice to be reminded that it's not only for the kids and family members. Though seeing children in their costumes are the highlight of the ghastly night, adults like to have a little fun, too. If your plans are to make this year about you and your crew, make sure you have some creative Halloween costumes for best friends to steal the show at all the ghouly gatherings.

With parents spending all of their time getting their creative juices flowing for their little one's costume ideas, it's easy to just settle for the bare minimum when it comes to their own. This year though, parents should put the kids to bed early and have a full out monster mash with their BFF's in some awesome costumes. Whether your BFF is just one person or if you're hanging with a group of four or more, there are so many creative costume ideas that you can come up with. From food dishes to cartoon characters, Halloween is the time to use your imagination and use it on a budget by making your costume yourself.

So, whether you and your best friend are parents who just wants to have fun or are a set of single ladies looking to put your hands up, these 11 costume ideas are a good place to start for some serious inspiration.


Social Media Boards

White Shirt, $8, Amazon

Becoming a pair of social media boards for Halloween with your BFF will be a hit this year. Find a white t-shirt, print out and cut your social media logo, and choose your favorite photos to add to your shirt.


Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble

White Skater Dress, $16, BooHoo | White Pearls, $6, Amazon | Orange Hairspray, $4, Party City | Light Blue Dress, $31, Tobi | Blue Now, $1, Whole Sale Girls | Black Choker, $9, ASOS

Grab your favorite gal pal and go old school this Halloween as the pre-historic BFFs, Wilma and Betty. For Wilma, pull out a white skater dress, your white pearls, and throw your orange sprayed hair in a nice bun. To get betty down, find a light blue dress, a blue bow, and a black choker.


Arnold & Gerald

Flannel Shirt, $15, H&M | Blue Jeans, $10, H&M | Blue Sweater, $20, Kohl's | Blue Baseball Cap, $12, Walmart | Blue Jeans, $10, H&M | Red sweatshirt, $15, Amazon | Red and White Shoes, $50, Kohl's

Throw it back to the '90s for this nostalgic Halloween costume DIY of Arnold and Gerald from Hey Arnold!. To nail Arnold's look, you'll need a flannel shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a blue sweater, blue baseball cap, and black sneakers. For Gerald, blue jeans, a red sweatshirt, and red and white shoes is what you need to get going.


Destiny's Child

Yellow Long Sleeve Crop Top, $17, PinkQueen | Yellow Shorts, $9, Amazon | Purple Hat With a Feather, $14, Amazon | Yellow Bodycon Cut Out Dress, $33, ASOS | Yellow Shorts, $9, Amazon | Yellow Top, $14, BooHoo | Bling, $8, Amazon

Get bootylicious this Halloween with this DIY Destiny's Child costume. Transform into Beyoncé by getting a yellow long sleeve crop top, some yellow shorts, and a purple hat with a feather. For Kelly, get a yellow bodycon cut out dress, and for Michelle, get yourself some yellow spandex shorts, and a yellow top. Don't forget the bling for all the ladies involved, too.


Ash & Pikachu

Black Shoes, $35, Kohl's | Light Denim Blue Jeans, $13, Target | Black Shirt, $8, Target | Green Fingerless Gloves, $10, Walmart | Red and White Trucker Hat, $7, Amazon | Sleeveless Sweatshirt Hooded Jacket, $13, Amazon | Yellow Dress, $16, BooHoo | Yellow Cardigan, $23, Target | Pikachu Ears and Tails Set, $10, EBay | Red Face Paint, $6, Amazon

Battle your opponents in true Pokémon fashion as Ash and Pikachu this year. Quickly turn into Ash with a pair of black shoes, light denim blue jeans, a black shirt, green fingerless gloves, a red and white trucker hat and a sleeveless sweatshirt hooded jacket. To become Pikachu, you'll need an all yellow outfit like this yellow dress, and yellow cardigan, a Pikachu ears and tails set, and some red face paint for your cheeks.


Guess Who? Pieces

Red and Blue Shirts, $8, Amazon

Becoming Guess Who? pieces is easier than you think. Dress yourselves in red and blue shirts, tap or draw a white question mark on the front of them, and cut out a square cardboard a little larger than your face. Go through the characters on the cards and choose which one you want to be.


Harry Potter & Hermione

Gray Pleated Skirt, $38, ASOS | Gray Cardigan, $26, ASOS | White Button Up, $20, H&M | Gryffindor Tie, $10, Amazon | Black Slacks, $24, JCPenney | Gray Sweater, $50, H&M | Gryffindor Tie, $10, Amazon | Wands, $7, Spirit Halloween

Bring the magic moments out with this DIY Harry and Hermione-inspired Halloween costume. For Hermione, find a gray pleated skirt, a gray cardigan, white button up, and Gryffindor tie. Harry on the other hand, will need black slacks, a gray sweater, and the same Gryffindor tie as Hermione. You can even turn it up a notch with some magical wands.


Winter & Spring

Blue Tutu, $10, Gone For A Run | Blue Tights, $16, American Apparel | White Tank Top, $2, Walmart | Green Tutu, $10, Halloween Costumes | Blue Tights, $16, American Apparel | Flower Headband, $2, H&M | Pink Tank Top, $2, Walmart

Turn into your favorite seasons in the fall with this cute best friend costume DIY. To become winter, get a blue tutu, blue tights, and a white tank top. For spring, get a green tutu, blue tights, a flower headband, and a pink tank top. If you don't like these colors, you can choose the colors that go for the season you want and decorate your clothing to reflect it.


Emoji Girl

Pink Sweater, $15, H&M

All you and your girls need for this simple costume is a pink sweater and the right hand gestures.


Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera

Black Pleated Skirt, $15, H&M | White Button Up, $20, H&M | Gray Cardigan, $26, ASOS | Black Knee High Socks, $6, H&M | Orange Cargo Pants, $37, DHGate | White Crop Top, $10, Amazon | Body Necklace, $100, Etsy

Turn on your best pop princess impersonation with these Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera DIY costumes. For Britney, go vintage schoolgirl with a black pleated skirt, a white button up, gray cardigan and black knee high socks. If you're interested in being a genie, grab some orange cargo pants and a white crop top. Body necklace is optional.


Chuckie & The Bride Of Chuckie

Blue Jean Overalls, $45, Old Navy | Striped Shirt, $16, Amazon | Red and White Shoes, $50, Kohl's | White Dress, $19, Amazon | Black Leather Jacket, $50, H&M | Black Boots, $10, Charlotte Russe

Scare the crowd this Halloween with this easy Chucky and Bride of Chucky costume. Just get some blue jean overalls, a striped shirt, and some red and white shoes. To become his bride, get a white dress, black leather jacket, and black boots.