11 Creative Halloween Costumes For Kids That Show Your Crafty Side

Halloween is right around the corner, and kids everywhere are getting into the spirit. Though there are so many costume options for kids to get in stores, I've always thought that the DIY route is a little more creative, cuter, and, at times, cheaper. Since there are so many costumes available for purchase, creating a DIY costume that stands out for you child may be a little difficult. That's why it's important to have some creative Halloween costumes for kids on your radar.

Perhaps the cutest creative costume I've happened to run across recently was a little girl from Texas who was adamant about being an armadillo for Halloween. Although I wouldn't have expected any kid to want to be that specific animal for the night of fright, I think stepping out of the ordinary is what makes costumes that much better. It also made me realize that kids have the biggest sense of creativity and that it's OK for parents to let them choose, too.

Regardless if you're helping them decide on what to be or if they already have it made up in their mind, these 11 costume ideas can spark a little creative light for this year's festivities.


Angelica Pickles

Rule the babies this Halloween with this Angelica Pickles-inspired DIY costume. All you need is a purple dress ($11), orange long sleeve shirt ($8), blue leggings ($5), orange socks ($3), and purple shoes ($15).


Babs Bunny

Take it back to the the '90s by turning your little one into tiny Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures. Grab a lavender skirt ($10), yellow shirt ($5), and bunny ears ($10).


Doug Funny

A green sweater vest ($36), white t-shirt ($5), khaki shorts ($13), and red shoes ($35) will be all you need for nailing this nostalgic look.


Stewie Griffin

Have a mini Stewie Griffin on your hands? Nail the look with a pair of red overalls ($49) and yellow long sleeve shirt ($6).


Powerpuff Girls

Love the Powerpuff Girls? This would be a great creative idea for your little hero. Choose a pink, blue, or green dress ($24), white tights ($3), black belt ($4), and black flats ($15).


Oompa Loompa

Take over Willy Wonka's chocolate factory this Halloween with a DIY oompa loompa costume for your candy lover. All you'll need are white pants ($12), brown turtlenecks ($10), some white suspenders ($8), brown striped socks ($11), two pairs of brown shoes ($15), and some white duct tape ($3) to create the stripes around the neck and wrists Don't forget to add in the green hair spray ($4) for the ultimate look.



Put together a green ($4), blue ($4), and brown ($4) tutu, some blue tights ($5), and a blue leotard ($14) to create the perfect peacock look this Halloween. Be sure to add the peacock feathers ($7 for 10 feathers), too.


One Of The Seven Dwarfs

Looking to transform your little one into one of the seven dwarfs this Halloween? You'll need a pair of brown tights ($8), red button down ($24), black belt ($4), and brown beanie ($3). Regardless of which dwarf you choose, you'll be able to nail it with minimum effort.



To nail the scarecrow look, pull out a flannel shirt ($17), boots ($20), a pair of overalls ($17), and a beach hat ($9). Don't forget the straws of hay to hang out of the sleeves and the hat.


Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

To get the best result for this costume, you'll need a zip front one piece ($13), cotton balls ($8 for 200), and a wolf hat ($16). You'll also need a bunch of hot glue, too.


"Cereal" Killer

To nail this look, grab a grey sweatshirt ($10), some empty cereal boxes — the small ones work best — and some red paint ($3) to splash around them. Glue the cereal boxes on the sweatshirt and secure some plastic knives in them, too.