11 Crock Pot Dessert Recipes That Make It Look Like You Did All The Work

by Luisa Colón

Meals made in the crock pot have certain associations. Slow cooking a stew is easy and the results are (hopefully) delicious. But a slow-cooked chili, stew, or casserole isn’t going to shock anyone with its origins. Crock pot desserts, on the other hand, aren’t as well known as their savory counterparts. That’s because when think of a slow-cooked dessert, you might automatically think of, well, a dessert stew.

That is so far from the truth, though. In fact, these 11 crockpot desserts will totally wow your guests, while simultaneously concealing their slow-cooked origins. That’s because their textures and flavors defy what we ordinarily think of when we think of crock pots. A crunchy dessert mix that’s reminiscent of fresh-out-of-the-box-but-better Cracker Jacks? Check. A spicy, steaming latte? Yes, for reals. Pie? Yes, pie. You can make a pie in your crock pot. When you serve it up to your friends and family, they will have images of you slaving over a hot oven instead of merrily going on your way while the pie cooks up in the background. And hey, you can disabuse them of this notion by explaining how simple it was — or you can keep the easy-peasy recipe to yourself.


Pumpkin Pie

Unless you’re some kind of pie-making whiz, you will appreciate this easy crockpot pumpkin pie from Family Fresh Meals. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream (or both), and it’ll be indistinguishable from its non-slow-cooked counterpart.


Peach Cobbler

You can wait until peaches are in season, but you don’t have to. Cobbler, which is like biscuits and fruit in a pie form, can be made with frozen peaches, just like in this slow-cooker cobbler recipe from A Spicy Perspective.


Chocolate-Covered Peanut Clusters

File this under O for OMG. Candy-store-perfect chocolate-covered peanut clusters that you can make in your crockpot? Yes. A thousand times yes. Thank you, Brown Eyed Baker. These are perfect for serving up at your own dinner party or bringing as a show-stoppingly delicious dessert to someone else's house.


Cinnamon Apples

Bourbon is the secret ingredient in these lovely cinnamon apples from A Spicy Perspective, which are just screaming to be paired with vanilla ice cream.


Pumpkin Latte

Sweet, spicy, and seasonally just as perfect as it gets for finishing up an autumn or winter meal, this pumpkin latte from Family Fresh Meals will dazzle your guests (and serve as a charming dessert companion to simple cookies or a slice of cake.)


Maple Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

Speaking of dessert companions, how about serving up some the aforementioned latte with this sweet, salty, buttery, maple Chex mix from Averie Cooks?


Cinnamon Apple Butter

A dessert spread is a fun idea to bring as a gift when you’re someone’s guest, and Baked By Rachel’s slow-cooked apple butter will look great in a jar and taste even better. Or, serve it up at your own place. But make sure to save some for breakfast in the morning, because apple butter + English muffin = Mmmmm.


Summer Fruit Compote

This fruit compote from Family Fresh meals is labeled a summer dessert but I’m sorry, warm compote served up with ice cream and your choice of crunchies on top is a year ‘round kind of thing.


Mango Sticky Farro

So often, dessert meets up with breakfast and you’re all like “Which is which?” But seriously, does it matter when you’re shoveling down something as delicious asBake Love Give's mango sticky farro? This take on the classic pudding-like dessert is a luscious way to end a meal or start off your day.


Rice Pudding

DIY Candy's crockpot rice pudding goes great with coffee. Creamy and dusted with spices, it's the perfect post-dinner treat.


Candied Pecans

If you can’t imagine mastering the crispy, crunchy, and caramel-y balance of candied pecans (or almonds, walnuts, whatever your nutty pleasure might be) in a slow-cooker, then check out this recipe from Family Fresh Meals.

Images: Courtesy of A Spicy Perspective; Family Fresh Meals; A Spicy Perspective; Brown Eyed Baker; A Spicy Perspective; Family Fresh Meals; Averie Cooks; Baked by Rachel; Family Fresh Meals; Bake Love Give; DIY Candy; Family Fresh Meals