11 Custom Father's Day 2018 Gifts That Will Make Dad Say "Thanks" & Actually Mean It


Father's Day is quickly approaching and that means it's time to find just the right gift for your dear old dad, the father of your children, or both. Traditional Father's Day gifts, like grilling gadgets or golf gear, will probably always score you points but there's one way to ensure that your gift this year is a real home run — personalization. There are more than a few custom Father's Day gifts out there that are guaranteed to be huge hits with the #1 Dad in your life.

Some guys might seem like tough cookies but we all know what happens when they get a heartwarming gift from the grandkids or their own kiddos: They turn into mush in the most endearing of ways. So when you're shopping around for customized gifts this spring, you want to make sure they're going to get the job done — and by that I mean, make your dad (or partner) get a little emo because he feels so loved and appreciated. After all, what's Father's Day without watching dad get a little teary-eyed?

That's why I've got these super sweet, easily customizable Father's Day gifts for your papa or your partner. The leading man in your life is about to feel really special.

1For the New Dad or Grandpa

MGAPDX Personalized Handprint/Footprint Mug


If this is your partner's first Father's Day, or if your dad is new to the name "Grandpa," then this custom, heart-melting footprint mug is a sure winner. Every time he takes a sip out of it, he'll be reminded of the most precious Father's Day gift of all — those perfect ten toes.

2For the Dad Who Loves to Man the Grill

All Custom Gifts Laser Engraved BBQ Utensil Set


If you're shopping for a man who's most at home tending the charcoal, then these personalized grill utensils will really up his BBQ game. In addition to adding his name, you can select from several different art options, like a flame, antlers, a bull, and more.

3For the Techie Dad

Sky Wood Studio Father's Day Docking Station


Some guys just love their gadgets. This sweet docking station is great because it not only will keep his most prized possessions in one place, it will also remind him of what a Super dad he is every time he charges up. The back also has room for keys and a USB drive.

4For the Home-brewing Dad

Cathy's Concepts Personalized Growler Cooler


If your dad or partner loves to make his own beer, then this insulated growler cooler is something he'll actually use, maybe too often! He can use it to take his brews anywhere — to BBQs, camp sites, or your house.

5For the Dad In Need of Some New Office Art

Custom Wooden Photo Print

Uncommon Goods

Maybe your dad isn't the framed photo type, but this is a truly original way to display photos. The image you provide is digitally printed on birch plywood plaques, with the color white eliminated to let the natural appeal of the wood grain shine through. Now that's a photo that will be loved for many years to come.

6For the Sporty Dad

Engraved Effects Laser Engraved Custom Baseball


If you're shopping for a man who loves to throw the ball around, then this personalized one is going to be a total home run. You can choose a custom saying, date, birthday or whatever special occasion you would like to add.

7For the Frequent Flyer Dad

Gallery Monogram Luggage Tag


Traveling a lot for work can mean your man spends more time than he'd like away from the kids. This customized luggage tag is the perfect gift for the business traveler, and will always remind him of those little loves at home.

8For the Fashionable Dad

Personalized Socks- Set of 5 Pairs

Uncommon Goods

Socks might seem like a generic Father's Day gift, but not when they're monogrammed with his initials at the ankle and feature his full name across the toes. You can also get creative and write a custom toe message, as long as it's less than 20 characters. '#1 Dad' seems fitting!

9For the Fisherman Dad

Wyoming Creative Personalized Fishing Lures


Maybe your dad or partner values his "me time" while fishing, but these usable lures will have him smiling from ear to ear out there in his boat. You can customize what is handprinted on the lures as long as it fits on two lines.

10For the Foodie Dad

Walnut Cutting Board


For the man who loves to chop and dice, this artisan walnut cutting board is one Father's Day gift that most definitely won't sit in a corner collecting dust. It's a gift he can use daily — and make him think of you.

11For the Sentimental Dad

Custom Portrait Illustration


It might seem like your little one will be little forever, but the next thing you know, they're walking, then running, then graduating college. This cool, customized portrait will capture a tender moment in time for eternity. All you have to do is send in a hi-resolution, colored photo, and the artist will send you a proof for our approval.