You're Welcome For These 11 Ridiculously Cute Babies Dressed As Turkeys

Although turkeys aren't necessarily the cutest of birds, they're made infinitely cuter when you dress a human baby up as Thanksgiving's starring animal. You can call it strange, but whether you have a baby of your own to celebrate with or not, these babies dressed up as turkeys for Thanksgiving are guaranteed to give you at least one thing to be grateful for.

Of course, it's best not to question if dressing your child up as Thanksgiving Day's main entree is advisable. If you have a turkey suit and a baby, how could you not put the two together? Just don't get carried away and dress them as the other dishes on the table as the day progresses. Actually, if you do happen to have a few other costumes on hand, we're not going to stop you.

Whether purely for the parent's entertainment or not, nothing is sweeter than getting your baby in the holiday spirit by dressing them in a turkey suit, snapping a few photos, and then embarrassing them with said photos 15 years down the road. It's every parent's Thanksgiving dream. Although it's clear that some babies will enjoy the experience more than others — you'll find out soon enough how they feel about it — these turkey babies will give you at least one thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: just a few moments of sheer cuteness.

It's debatable whether "dressing your baby as a turkey" qualifies as a Thanksgiving tradition or not, but it's worth adopting just as much as eating pumpkin pie and watching football. Now sit back and enjoy these ridiculously cute babies dressed as turkeys.


Super Turkey

This sweet baby is clearly enthused to be celebrating Thanksgiving and his third month birthday in one shot. And those little tail feathers? You won't see anything cuter this Thanksgiving.


Sleepy Turkey

You can get a sleeping baby to do anything, as this Instagram photo proves, including make their grumpiest face, don a crocheted turkey hat, and sleep their Thanksgiving Day lunch off.


Turkey Chef

Babies, as everyone knows, are excellent help in the kitchen, especially when they're dressed as the entree you'll be serving for family dinner.


Full On Turkey

Jimmy Fallon never disappoints, and this photo he shared of his little turkey when she was still a baby truly takes the cake (er, turkey). Go big, or go home in all things — dinner or baby-related — right?


Stuffed Turkey

Perhaps the most realistic of all of the baby turkey costumes, this Reddit user found pure gold. It even comes with its own platter that, hopefully, is much cozier than the one your real turkey will be resting on.


Somber Turkey

Who said dressing up like a feathered fowl has to be a funny occasion? This Reddit user's sweet girl is very serious about her new role as Thanksgiving turkey. But for everyone else, it's hard not to smile when you see that cute little beanie.


Turkey Beanie

Keep baby's head warm with this adorably life-like turkey beanie from Etsy. A normal hat may be more practical, but where's the fun in that? You're rockin' those drumsticks as ears, little guy.


Newborn Turkey

Newborns aren't too young to join in on the turkey day fun. This Etsy hat makes it easy and adorable for your little one to get in the Thanksgiving spirit. They might not be able to eat turkey just yet, but they can dress up as one better than most. Also, this whole set up is amazing, including the knit pumpkin.


Raw Turkey

One mom took the whole turkey costume to the extreme, at least that's what we thought at first. You don't have to get your little one anywhere close to a raw bird. You can be clever like this Instagram user and just position the bird in front of your baby to make it look like they are one. Hilarious.


Thankful Stew

Bath time? This sweet little one looks right at home with his turkey hat.


Tuckered Out Turkey

When all is said and done, all anyone really wants to do on Thanksgiving is take a nap. This little one (with his adorable turkey hat) knows how to do Thanksgiving right.

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