11 Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas Should You Need Some Inspiration

Of all the places on your body that are tattoo-worthy (aka anywhere you want a tattoo), the wrist is one of the most popular spots. It's visible, yet small enough to not overwhelm you. Plus, it's the perfect placement for a daily reminder, mantra or just something pretty that inspires you everyday. But since you've already decided on getting your wrist inked, I obviously don't have to convince you. Choosing the placement is sometimes the easy part— maybe you're still looking for cute wrist tattoo inspiration to help you decide on what exactly to get. In that case, look no further.

The beauty of wrist tattoos is that tats of all shapes and sizes look amazing there— from subtle and simple to big and bold; portraits to script tattoos and everything in between. If you're wanting something a little bigger, you can even expand your tattoo to cover part of your forearm as well, for ink that stands out even more. Whether you decide to go with a favorite quote, a geometric pattern, a artistic portrait, or even a couple's tattoo with your significant other, the wrist is the perfect blank canvas for some beautiful art or a simple reminder to yourself of something you never want to forget.


Something Floral

The great thing about flower tattoos is that they look great on almost any part of the body. They're versatile and oh so classic. This freehanded rose looks beautiful on the wrist.


Something Inspirational

Do you have a mantra or favorite quote that helps get you out of bed on the hard days? Why not get it inked as a permanent reminder to yourself.


Something Literary

If you're a die hard Potterhead (or fan of any kind) get a tribute to denote your undying fandom.


Something For A Loved One

Getting a permanent reminder of someone you've lost or just never want to forget can be a special tribute to their memory and legacy.


Something Small With Meaning

"Words are powerful things. They can be the dagger that stabs your heart or the ointment that soothes the pain." The owner of this beautiful tattoo pretty much said all that needs to be said.


Something Matching

Getting matching tattoos with your SO is a growing trend. These rainbows are two of the most unique couple's tattoos out there, and are great inspiration for any love birds wanted to get inked.


Something For Your Wander Lust

For those of us with an incurable sense of wander lust, getting the whole world on your wrist will only fuel your passion for travel.


Something For Your Kids

Another popular idea is getting ink for each of your kids. This script idea is classic, simple and pretty.


Something Simple

There isn't anything quite as simple and aesthetically pleasing as a single arrow. This placement is gorgeous too.


Something Scripted

Though this one is technically a forearm tat, the meaning behind it is what counts. Tattoos serve as great reminders for important phrases.


Something Sweet

This adorable mother-daughter tattoo is just the right amount of sweet and unique.