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11 CVS Hacks Every Mom Needs To Bookmark Now

It's no surprise that CVS stores offer busy moms quick pickups at their convenience. While shopping at these centrally located stores saves time during your days, it doesn't always save you the most money. However, dollar-conscious moms should know that when shopping, there are CVS hacks every mom needs to know.

According to Statista, CVS has seen millions of customers just within the last month thanks to its money-saving deals on everything from lipsticks to cough drops. Statista noted that more than 49 million people bought prescription drugs, and more than 73 million people bought RX, non-RX, or beauty items at CVS within the last month.

There's many reasons why you should shop at CVS stores, and they're the same reasons CVS attracts millions of customers weekly. One is CVS' commitment to social responsibility. According to its website, the CVS approach to social responsibility ties directly to its purpose: helping people on their path to better health. Kind of awesome, right?

And the more awesome part is you can test out some money-saving tips yourself. Whether you shop at CVS occasionally or plan to be a loyal customer to the company, here are a few CVS hacks every mom — heck, every person — needs to know.


Take Advantage of Curbside Pickup

CVS offers its customers curbside pickups at their convenience. Moms can download the CVS Pharmacy app to place their order, or they can do it online. Moms who are interested can enter their zip code online to see the closest CVS that offers the curbside pickup service.


Sign Up For The ExtraCare Rewards Card

According to the CVS website, you can earn 2 percent back in ExtraBuck Rewards every time you shop. Looking to save even more? Keep an eye out for extra savings on receipts and emails.


Seek Lower Cost Alternatives for Health Care

CVS is a great outlet to get health care items that tend to rack up the bills. Now offering affordable EpiPens, CVS is there for you at a time when what your health care insurance will cover in the future is questionable. CVS stated on its website, "We recognized the urgent need for a less-expensive epinephrine auto-injector, and are proud to offer a low-cost option at all CVS Pharmacy locations."


Know They're Conveniently Located

According to a CVS press release, CVS Health completed its acquisition of Target's pharmacy and clinic businesses for about $1.9 billion in December 2015. CVS noted through this initiative that CVS Health acquired more than 1,600 pharmacies across 47 states.


Shop When The Price Is Right

According to The Penny Hoarder, the best way to get discounts on your toiletries is to shop when the price is right, not when you run out of them. The website noted, "just as you should never grocery shop when hungry, you should never drugstore shop when you actually need something."


Visit the CVS ExtraCare Coupon Center

According to Coupons How To, bargain hunting moms can visit the ExtraCare Coupon Center to get coupons in return for scanning their ExtraCare cards at their CVS.


Check The CVS Weekly Ad On Sundays

Check online to view CVS' weekly ads so you can schedule your savings for the week. According to the Q-Tipping Mom, every Sunday you can see what products qualify for ExtraBucks. The site additionally noted that "the CVS ad is usually posted by Wednesday night for the deals that start the following Sunday."


Know Your Annual Points Distribution

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, the schedule of annual points distribution for ExtraCare cards is Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct. 1. The site noted that customers have 45 days to use rewards points before they expire.


Sign Up For The Beauty Club

CVS customers can sign up for the Beauty Club by using their ExtraCare card number. According to the Coupon Cabin, you can receive $5 in ExtraBucks for every $50 you spend on beauty products.


Know The Best Time To Shop

According to Rather Be Shopping, shoppers should visit CVS stores on Mondays or Tuesdays since most stores start their markdown process on Sundays. You'll be sure to be one of the first customers to get the best deals, and deals that will be in stock.


Try 'Review And Save'

According to its website, you can write a CVS online review for your favorite products and receive savings in return. The CVS 'Review and Save' program offers moms ExtraBucks for their reviews. According to How To Shop For Free, you can earn up to $5, $1 ExtraBuck per review.