11 Easy Braid Tutorials That'll Give Your Kid A Cool Back To School 'Do

With the back to school season in full swing, making sure your kids are ready for the first day is of the utmost importance. And, because waking up in the morning and getting out the door on time may be an issue, finding a way to get them excited about heading to school could make all the difference. When I was a kid, having a new hair do to show off occasionally gave me an added incentive to get to school. Since things never really change, it's important to have some easy braid tutorials in your back pocket that will make your kid's 'do the talk of the hallways

Even as an adult, I find it exciting to get my hair done in braids. Wearing braids affords me so many other options of hairstyles that I wouldn't normally have with my hair. And for children, sporting braids can help make the process of getting ready in the morning a little more fun. Even if it takes a little longer, the confidence that a nice and cute hairstyle gives a young girl is totally worth it. (Not to mention, braids can worn a few days in a row, saving you some time during the week.)

Need a little inspiration on how to style your daughter's braids? These 11 tutorials will help.


Upward Lace Braid

This upward lace braid from the Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube is sure to get your little girl excited about her first day.


Feed In Braids

Minnie The Stylist's YouTube tutorial on feed in braids is great for giving your daughter a fun style to head to school in this year.


Easy Bridal Tier

Let your little one turn heads with this easy bridal tier braid tutorial from CinthiaTruong's YouTube.


Star Braid

Make your princess feel like a star with Elle's tutorial for this stylish star braid.


Rope Twisted Heart

Whether it's Valentine's Day or just the first day of school, Cute Girls Hairstyles YouTube for the rope twisted heart braid will make them fall in love with school.


Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

This senegalese twist crochet braids tutorial from YouTuber chide lovesyou is sure to make your daughter love braiding up her hair from here on out.


Dutch Flower Braid

If you're looking for a way to keep your daughter's hair out of her face during her trot back to the school house, this dutch flower braid tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles will surely do that.


Half Up, Half Down

YouTuber chide lovesyou's video for these small half-up, half-down braids are easy to accomplish for this school year.


Pull Through Crown Braid

Impress your daughter with your stylish skills thanks to SweetHearts Hair Design's pull through crown braid tutorial.


Crochet Briads

TappIntoBeauty's tutorial for these crochet braids is the cutest thing you'll see all day.


Skeleton Braid

If your little one's head full of hair is too much to deal with, try giving her the skeleton braid found on Luxy Hair's YouTube.