11 Easy Thanksgiving Desserts That'll Get You All The Instagram Likes

If you bake a dessert and no one is around to Instagram it, did you really bake it? Such is the existential question of our time. For the foodie photo fiends out there, this is easily the best time of the year to flex your filter and hashtag muscles. And what better way to display your photo-taking skills than with some stunning and scrumptious Thanksgiving dessert?

From pies to cookies to turkey-themed treats, Thanksgiving provides ample opportunity to show off your baking expertise. You have the option to rock a totally classic spread of pumpkin and pecan pie, or to surprise your guests with something more imaginative, both in flavor and appearance. You can opt for pleasing a more sophisticated palate, or go completely kid friendly. You can serve options on the healthier side or you can put chocolate frosting on everything. You can do whatever your little, baked-goods loving heart desires. 

So this Thanksgiving, ensure yourself a plethora of Instagram likes (because, obviously, this is the most important aspect of your Thanksgiving weekend). With these photo-ready treats, not only will your family be thankful for your baking skills, but your Insta followers will be inspired. 


Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey is to Thanksgiving what Santa Claus is to Christmas. Honor the holiday mascot this year with Brown Eyed Baker's adorable and deceptively easy turkey cupcakes.


Maple Nut Tart

Love, Cake's maple nut tart makes a delicious dish that's totally traditional. With a classic, rustic pie like this, you're sure to rack up the double taps.


Pumpkin Pie Bites

Put a new spin on a classic dessert with Bakerella's pumpkin pie bites this holiday. Not only are they cute, but they offer the option of bite-sized portions, which might be necessary after you've gone back for seconds (or thirds, or fourths...) at dinner. 


Brown Butter Maple Nutmeg Cookies

Arrange My Baking Addiction's delightfully simple looking maple nutmeg cookies on a pretty plate, put the exposure all the way up and you've got yourself a perfect Insta. Then enjoy every, sweet bite!


White Chocolate Caramel Crispy Bites

Bake Love Give's caramel crispy bites are both scrumptious and — even better — easy. The caramel colored tint makes them appropriately festive, but they're more original than your average pumpkin pie (which means more Insta likes for individuality.)


Spiced Sugared Cranberries

Not everyone will want to indulge in a full plate of baked goods, so offering Cookie Monster Cooking's sugared cranberries puts a fun, festive and pretty spin on serving fruit.   


Pumpkin Streusel Swirled Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Using the full name of this dessert will result in a very long hashtag, but it's totally worth it. Seasonally scrumptious, Willow Bird Baking's pumpkin pound cake looks amazing. 


White Chocolate M&M Snickerdoodle Bars

If you're not feeling the rustic, classic vibe this year, opt for something a little more whimsical like Something Swanky's snickerdoodle bars. They're totally kid approved!  


Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pastry Affair's pumpkin bread pudding is an elegant, sophisticated option for your dessert fantasies this Thanksgiving. Instagram this, and people will assume you're a gourmet chef!


Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Cookies and Cups' pumpkin crumb cake takes the most important fall flavor (pumpkin, duh) and puts it in an exciting new format that will have your Insta followers' mouths watering. 


(Even Easier) Turkey Cupcakes

And one more adorable turkey-themed dessert for good measure. Try your hand at Your Cup Of Cake's turkey cupcakes, and make sure you take plenty of pics before you gobble gobble them up!  

Images: Courtesy of Love, CakeBrown Eyed Baker; Love, Cake; BakerellaMy Baking Addiction; Confessions Of A Cookbook QueenBake Love Give; Cookie Monster Cooking; Willow Bird Baking; Something Swanky; Pastry Affair; Cookies and Cups; Your Cup Of Cake