11 Elf On The Shelf Christmas Eve Letter Ideas That Say Adieu For You

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The Elf On The Shelf has become a tradition in many families, and it can be hard to think up new and interesting places for them to show up every morning. Most of us didn't consider this when we first picked up our little red-bedecked Christmas helper, but here we are. Every year, the elf's journey culminates in the swan song that is his Christmas Eve missive to the children of the household. If you're lacking creative ideas, as many of us are, these ideas for your Elf on the Shelf's Christmas Eve letters are exactly what you need.

When the elf makes it way back into your basement — I'm sorry, the North Pole — for the duration of the year, it's customary for them to say goodbye via a note to your children. This letter can be a lighthearted "See ya later, kids!" Or it can be a more thoughtful contemplation on their growing up, and how the elf will be needed at a new home with smaller children next year. Mostly, it's just a way for parents to close that piece of the year, before spending the next eleven months devising new and more entertaining ways for the elf to make mischief next Christmas.


A Printable

Thank heavens for Etsy. The handmade market retailer has tons of letters just like this one on their site, making things as simple and seamless as possible. Some have poems, some have a bit more art, and they're the perfect send-off for your children from their friend from the North Pole.


A Collage

A collage of pics of where he's been and some of the kids printed in a small print book is a cute and easy way to say goodbye from your elf. Good news, procrasti-parents, Walgreens has same-day printing for these bad boys. A little post-it about all the fun they had, and you're done.


A Rhyme In An Obvious Location

The rhymes are simple, but it's the meaning behind it that is important. Make sure it's somewhere that is easily visible, so that your kids don't miss it. Personally, something silly, even a limerick, would be funny.

There once was an elf from the snow, whose mischief was always for show, but the kids had a riot, now all things are quiet, because he returns to the land ho ho ho.

Something like that.


Glittery Footprints

In this instance, they're leading toward the elf, but on Christmas Eve, they'd lead to the chimney or the front door. Behind the door would be the Christmas letter (obviously written in glitter gel pen).


Mini Letters

Your elf is little, and so should his note be. This perfect template on Etsy even includes an envelope, so it's extra special for your little ones to receive on Christmas.


More Mischief

Sprinkle flour over your table and write the letter in that, or paint it in chocolate on the counter. Something along the same lines that your elf would do. Just make sure you have your vacuum and sponge ready to clean it up.


In An Ornament On The Tree

You can make a paper ornament, or fill a clear plastic ornament with a note from your elf. Just make sure you point it out to your kids in the morning. It's a treasure that can go up on the tree each year to remind them of all their elf's shenanigans.


With Santa's Milk & Cookies


Leave a note alongside the empty plate of cookies your kid left out for Santa explaining how your Elf hitched a ride back to the North Pole with the big guy himself, but he'll be back next year. It's the only to way fly!


A Postcard

Your Elf took the redeye to a beachy locale, and these free printable postcards (featuring photos of an Elf having a super fun vacay) are the proof. Sign off with a simple: "Having a blast, see you next year!"


A New Pair Of Pajamas

Some parents have a tradition which involves the Elf leaving a goodbye letter with a new pair of pajamas (and perhaps a mug of hot cocoa for good measure?). Those jammies will be perfect for Christmas morning photo-ops.


In A Trail Of Dust

This one is particularly magical: Use powdered sugar (or glitter, if you dare) to dust over your Elf, leaving nothing but an Elf-shaped outline. Add a goodbye note for closure, or leave as is if you want to preserve a sense of mystery.