11 Emotional Stages Of Getting Surprised With Puppies While You're Drunk — VIDEO

Here's something that will make you feel less excited about what your own workday involves: BuzzFeed got their employees drunk (and I mean good and drunk), and then, with the help of Fur Baby Rescue, surprised them with adorable puppies. The result was two and a half minutes of screaming, crying, oohing, awing, profanity, and emotional torture, all for the benefit of complete strangers. (Does anyone know, by the way, where the BuzzFeed office is? Asking for a friend.)

Seriously, who gets to do this for a job? (Oh, wait.) Not only are these hilarious women allowed to drink at work, they're encouraged to chug whiskey just so they can be handed four-legged fluff balls of cuteness! That's the dream! But hey, if you're not one of these lucky BuzzFeed employees, you can at least live vicariously through them and their perfect drunk reactions to a boatload of puppies.

Step 1: Get Drunk

What in the world happened at BuzzFeed to dwindle down their alcohol selection?

Step 2: Talk About Puppies

Nothing like a drink at work to uncover some hidden resentment.

Step 3: Get Surprised By Puppies

Their reactions are priceless.

Step 4: Cry

We're right there with you. All the tears.

Step 5: Be Surprised By More Puppies

A parade of puppies is never a bad thing. Unless you're drunk and unable to handle it. Even then, it's not the worst thing.

Step 6: Feel Better

Talk about an end-of-the-day pick-me-up.

Step 7: Break Down Because, Yes, There Are More Puppies

There's a limit to how many puppies one can handle, and she just reached hers.

Step 8: Lose The Ability To Comprehend Anything

There's all sorts of can't going on right now.

Step 9: Get A Taste Of Parenthood

Parenthood is a lot like corralling a gaggle of puppies. Except there's less fur and more poop.

Step 10: Become Hopeful

Nothing like a bunch of puppies to give you a fresh, optimistic perspective.

Step 11: Regret Drinking

Responsibility ruins everything.

Watch The Full Video

You can watch the video in all it's splendid glory, above. And hey, if you're thinking of getting yourself a puppy, please consider adoption! And don't try to adopt while drunk! I think they frown upon that!

Images: BuzzFeed/YouTube(12)