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11 Exercises To Give You A Better Orgasm (So The Best Possible Reasons To Hit The Gym)

Need some motivation to keep up with your workout plan? Well, there are tons of exercises for a better orgasm that can help bring your sex life to the next level. That’s right: regularly making your Pilates class could lead to some improvements in other areas of your life.

Whether you’re into relaxing yoga or heart-pumping spin, you’ll be happy to know that most activity can have a positive impact on your sex life. Increased blood flow, endorphins, and the confidence boost that often accompanies a great workout can translate to greater enjoyment in the bedroom. And even if you aren’t one of the lucky people who experience coregasms, or exercise-induced orgasms, you can likely experience a greater climax as a result of your workouts. If there were ever a reason to sign up for that cardio class, this might be it.

This might serve as great motivation to not only get to the gym, but to try out new exercises. You might discover a newfound love for weight training (or at least its sexy side effects). And to double the fun, bring your partner along for a few workouts. Who knows? Your gym sessions might become the new lead-up to a bedroom romp. After trying these 11 exercises for orgasms, you may never look at those kettlebells the same way again.

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As Women's Health explains, the plié helps strengthen the muscles responsible for orgasm. This ballet move also works to soften the muscles and promote flexibility, which can help you master some of those orgasm-inducing positions.



To work your hips and glutes, Refinery 29 suggests regularly doing bridges. This yoga pose can help you get the strength and flexibility needed to make other extracurricular activities even more fun.



Shape notes that Pilates classes can greatly benefit your sex life. Because many of the exercises engage the pelvic floor muscles, these workout techniques can lead to stronger orgasms.

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Running, or any exercise that is performed for a sustained period of time, can release endorphins, which can also stimulate the release of sex hormones, as Psychology Today reports. This kind of exercise also boosts you mood.


Pelvic Tilt

The name says it all. Redbook suggests this modification of the classic plank move to work your pelvic floor muscles.

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Resistance Training

Resistance training is a great way to get your blood pumping, and as Greatist notes, women's sexual pleasure relies on having a healthy blood flow through the clitoris and vaginal walls. Helping your heart and lady parts? Everyone wins.

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Kettlebell Swing

Muscle & Fitness recommends a strong core and hips for optimal bedroom performance. Three to four sets of kettlebell swings will help your core get stronger in no time.

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Ab Workouts

WebMD notes, with some practically, that your ab muscles are used during sex, so it makes sense to work on strengthening them. Crunches are the classic ab exercise, and you can also incorporate Kegels for a really targeted workout.


Mountain Climber

Fitness Magazine recommends moves such as the mountain climber to help increase stamina. It also helps you work those all-important ab muscles.



A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that women who dealt with sexual dysfunctions reported better sexual function, including orgasm, after the completion of several yoga sessions. Woman's Day recommends moves such as Downward Dog to help you release tension and get in the right mindset for sex.


Jump Squats

A report in the Daily Mail recommends women try out moves such as the jump squat to increase stamina and get more in tune with their bodies. For added difficulty, jump and rotate 180 degrees while landing as gently as possible.