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11 Eyebrow Hacks That'll Keep Your Brows On Point

If there's one thing that I've learned since high school, it's that the shape or fullness of your eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look. Similar to how a fresh haircut can make you feel like an A-list model, a set of freshly shaped brows can make you feel Beyoncé-level fabulous. Unless you're a professional though, getting those beautiful brows can be such a daunting task. That's when when eyebrow hacks come into play.

I remember the day I realized the power of the brow. It was my senior year of high school and I was still in my tomboy phase. A boy in my class came up to me and suggested I "do something with myself," and get my eyebrows waxed. I was crushed and embarrassed, to say the least, and I may have even cried in the bathroom.

That afternoon at work though, I told my co-worker Sara what happened, and like any friend, she was down to fix the problem. "Tomorrow, I'm bringing my tweezers," she told me. "We're gonna get you together." The next day, after about 30 minutes of plucking, pulling, and snipping, she was done. If "fleek" were a word to use back then, I'm sure that's what would have been used to describe my brows.

While there weren't really any eyebrow "hacks" that I had to know back then, now there are a plethora of notes available to look over to always make sure your eyebrows are as poppin' as possible. Take a look at these 11 eyebrow hacks to help your eyebrows flourish.


Know The Shape You Want

According to Elle, visualizing the shape that you want is a great way to get the eyebrow party started.


Figure Out Your Shade

If you're one that loves to shade your eyebrows, Glamour noted that you should make sure that the hue you choose is reflective of your current hair color.


Learn That Your Eyebrows Probably Won't Match

Even though we want our eyebrows to be 100 percent matched, the probability of that happening isn't that high, and that's perfectly fine.


Shape Or Fill Your Eyebrows From A Distance

If you're super worried about making your brows even, Style Caster suggested filling them in or shaping them a little further back from the mirror. Being that eyebrows look different at a distance, the occasional steps back from the mirror will help you notice what areas need work.


Brush Upward

Once you've gotten your desired shape drawn in, Elle suggested that you brush your eyebrows upward to add lift and volume. Not only will the upward strokes tame your brows, but they will make your brows look put together no matter the length or thickness.


Know The Different Types of Brow Tools And What They're Used For

There've been many times that I've gone to Sephora and Ulta, and literally looked at all the items like they were foreign objects. Make sure you're familiar with what each eyebrow tool does, and how it effects your overall look.


Watch Tutorials

If you're a novice like myself, YouTube will always be your saving grace when it comes to giving eyebrow hacks a go by yourself.


Research Which Shape Is Best For Your Face

One thing you don't want is to get a shape that doesn't match your facial structure. Trying to sport eyebrows made for round face when you have a curvy face, can make your face look drastically different.


Use Slant-Tipped Tweezers

After filling in and brushing your eyebrows, use slant-tipped tweezers to help take away any final unwanted follicles. Speaking of tweezing, Elle recommends you only tweeze underneath to avoid over-plucking.


Use A Brow Stencil

If all the tutorials and advice fail, try using a brow stencil to help get you that perfect brow that you're looking for. It's basically like floaties for a first time swimmer.


Fill In The Blanks

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Whether you've chosen to use a stencil or do it all yourself, make sure you go back and fill in the spaces that have faded out since the beginning. If you've tweezed, trimmed, and rubbed, you're most likely missing a few dark spots from when you started. Fill them back in with your chosen shade that you used earlier.