11 Fall-Inspired Baby Names That Make You Think of PSL and Apple Picking

by Britni de la Cretaz

Fall is many people’s favorite season, when the boots and sweaters come out, the air gets chilly, and the leaves change colors. Fall is the season of apple pies, decorative gourds, and all things pumpkin. Along with seasonal foods and colors, seasonal names can be a nice way of choosing a name for your baby that connects them to the world. Picking a name that symbolizes the season of your baby’s birth can also provide some inspiration if you’re stuck. If you’re expecting in the final months of the year, you might want to consider choosing a baby name inspired by fall.

And, really, the options are endless. Pumpkin is the obvious choice, and if your last name happens to begin with an “L,” it might be hard to resist the PSL initials. It would be a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite fall drink, and no one would even have to know. Also high on the list of options are fall spices, like Chai and Cinnamon. Your baby would not only look delicious (because who doesn’t want to nom babies), but sound delicious, as well. Kale and Chard make appearances on some baby name lists, which may be options if you’re into eating healthy and also unconcerned with food gentrification.

But, seriously, here are some less obvious options for fall-inspired baby names to commemorate everyone’s favorite season.



Let’s start with the most obvious. A beautiful nod to fall, Autumn is the most popular seasonal baby name. It’s also what Jennifer Love Hewitt named her daughter.



The name Hazel comes from the hazelnut tree and has seen renewed popularity in recent years, with stars like Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt choosing the name for their respective daughters.



Laurel is another name that comes from nature, relating back to the laurel wreath that’s made of bay laurel leaves. While everyone might think your kid’s name is actually “Laura,” there’s so much historic meaning to laurel wreaths that makes for cool research to do with your kid. Totally worth it.



Who doesn’t love to go apple picking in the fall? And any name that’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid is definitely good enough for yours (and any excuse to use a Ryan Gosling GIF will be taken.)



Amber is, of course, a beautiful gemstone. But its color is reminiscent of changing leaves in the fall, and this name conjures up images of a gorgeous spread of fall foliage.



Sage is a gender-neutral name, as well as a tasty herb that’s used often in fall cooking. Sage is also a name that connotes wisdom, and who doesn’t want a sage in their house?



The name Birch is usually used for boys, but could totally work for anyone. Birch is the state tree of New Hampshire, known for it’s lovely fall colors.



Hopefully your kid will be too young to be subjected to Forrest Gump jokes. But what better fall name than the place where the beauty of fall really happens, plus an extra r?



Another gender-neutral name, Hunter is great for boys and girls. Fall is hunting season, after all.



With a nod to Leif Garrett (or just the changing leaves), Leif is a totally underrated name.



As in “I hope it doesn’t snow another 108 inches this winter.”

Images: Courtesy of Tracy LeighAlan Levine, Gerry/Flickr; Giphy (9)